5 tips for an optimized decoration of your hairdressing salon or beauty salon

Embellish your hairdressing salon or beauty salon with a few decorating tips

As the name suggests, a beauty parlour has to be... beautiful! However, everyone has their own vision of beauty. Above all, create a universe that corresponds to your brand image. If you are more of a Rock'n Roll barber, don't opt for a candy-pink decoration and tea room! After having thought about the atmosphere that your establishment should have, you can follow our advice to optimize the decoration and the practical side of your hairdressing salon or beauty salon. The KoudeCizo website, dedicated to beauty professionals 100% free of charge, offers you to download its practical sheet on the 3 tips for an attractive salon showcase!

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1- The shop window, first impression of your hairdressing salon or beauty institute

The first thing that jumps out at the customer is the window. If it is not attractive, there is little chance that the customer will enter your hair salon or beauty salon. To do this, your shop window has to live! Without being kitsch, you have to adapt to the different seasons, opt for cooler colours in winter and vice versa in summer, while remaining in the universe of your establishment.

2- The reception area in your hairdressing salon or beauty salon

What is the first thing the customer sees when entering your establishment? The reception area. If this is not pleasant, the customer can leave or, at best, stay with a preview of what awaits them. Often, the reception (in the material sense) is terribly impersonal and does not enhance your salon. In order for your customers to feel at home in your salon or beauty parlour, they need to feel comfortable from the moment they walk in. If you have good taste, an artistic eye, and want to convey a specific message, then make sure the salon reflects your image.

3- The choice of lights for your hair salon or beauty salon

The light is what gives the atmosphere of your establishment. You have to make a choice between the different spaces and don't light the whole living room in the same way, otherwise it will look like a 'hospital'.

  • LED lighting: All colors will have an optimal rendering whether it is the decoration or the hair of the customers! Another advantage is that it consumes little energy.
  • The neon lights: A very powerful light that shouldn't be used throughout the facility. Use it to highlight your displays for resale.
  • Full spectrum lighting: This is the best light to illuminate your shop window day and night since it is close to daylight and is not aggressive to the eyes of passers-by.

4- The advantages of digital technology for a modern hairdressing salon or beauty salon

Today, exclusively commercial images are out of fashion. Even if they are important, you should not abuse them, so only choose quality visuals. Whether for the interior of the establishment or for your window display, digital supports give a modern look and have the power to be personalized. Distribute your creations or even your promotions to bring the world to you!

5- Don't forget the resale space in the customer path

Last but not least, design your hair salon or beauty salon to optimize the customer experience. Once the showcase and reception are over, make sure that the client settles into an intimate space for the diagnosis. He will be able to confide his beauty concerns to you without fear of being heard by other customers. After the service, the customer should be face to face with your resale space. Offer him/her to buy the products used, to do so consult our article on resale ;) And you, what is your decoration? What are your tips for having a beautiful space in your image? The Wavy team offers you a design app to manage your hairdressing salon or beauty salon, available on ipads and iphones, your checkout system will not spoil all your efforts. Discover the management offer proposed by Wavy for a designer checkout :)

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