6 tips to animate a Facebook page for a hair salon or beauty salon

Find out how to animate your Facebook page with our 6 tricks

Animate your Facebook page for a hair salon or beauty salon Having a Facebook page in the image of your hair salon or beauty salon is essential to retain or recruit new customers. However, once the Facebook page has been created, it must be animated!

Here are 5 tips to optimize your presence on this social network.

1- Distribute photos of your creations

Facebook is your showcase and it is one of the best ways to showcase your expertise. In addition, you need to choose a graphic charter so that your Facebook fans associate the photos directly with your page. To do this, you can use Canva.com, you can import your photos, insert text and even add your hair salon's logo. Tips: Invite your fans to interact through your posts!

2- Organize contests

In order to attract people to your Facebook page and potentially to your hair salon or beauty salon, you can offer free cuts in exchange for sharing the page on social networks. Indeed, contests bring a lot of fans, and allow you to bet on the viral potential of Facebook... Example: "To win this product, like and share this Facebook post".

3- Propose exclusive offers

Your Facebook page is the showcase of your hair salon. All people who are fans are potential customers. You just have to give them a reason to come for the first time. So, offer exclusive promotions to your Facebook fans, such as special offers, to attract them and keep them loyal. Example: "A product offered for any service performed during the month of September."

4- Interact with your fans

When a fan posts an opinion, whether positive or negative, it is essential to respond. Whether it is to thank him or to defuse the beginning of a controversy. In reality, they simply need to feel that their opinion has been heard and understood.

5- Post at the right time

To make your posts as visible as possible, analyze your Facebook stats. See when your fans interact with your page the most and adjust the day and time of your posts accordingly.

6- Opt for the Wavy option

Regularly performing the 5 tips described above is a time-consuming job. To simplify your life, Wavy offers to take charge of your switchover to help you develop your Facebook page. Photos, videos... the Wavy team shares fresh and up-to-date content with your fans without you having to lift a finger.

This way, you will be able to be close to your customers on the Web and devote yourself entirely to your business! In terms of price, the Wavy offer is more than interesting.

Indeed, if you need about 2 hours per week to manage your Facebook page and you practice the recommended rate (1 euro per minute), you lose about 540 euros per month by taking care of your Facebook page and not your customers. However, the rates for the Wavy offer start at 49 euros per month! The communication offer also includes a website for your hair salon or beauty salon! It's worth thinking about it, isn't it ? ;)

For more information about our Communication offer and the development of your Facebook page, contact us on 01 86 26 12 12 or consult the details of our Communication offer.

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