Adapting hair salons to a post-COVID-19 world and preparing for the future

The COVID-19 virus travels the world, putting enormous pressure on countries, companies and communities. All this will leave an impact, new ways of working, new consumption patterns and new ways of interacting with others.

The beauty industry is a sector that will certainly undergo a great transformation. Especially since the services provided by this industry are of a physical nature and the very basis of hairdressing salons and beauty salons is touch. 

But that does not mean that the industry will wither away.

Beauty and well-being will continue to flourish because people will always have to "feel good". A new hairstyle or facial is more than just a physical rejuvenation. It's a way to become more confident and feel better about yourself. So this need will never go away.

Now is the time to develop proactive strategies to propel your facility forward in a post-COVID-19 world defined by a consumer environment where health standards concerns remain a priority.

Preparing protective measures at the hairdressing salon, which are essential against coronavirus

Fear of going outside again is one of the side effects of confinement. COVID-19 is still lurking, and the cure is not yet available. Many people will be reluctant to go outside. So you have to show that you are taking a lot of precautions in your salon to reassure them. 

Make sure that your post-VID-19 strategy propels your salon, beauty salon or barbershop forward with the change you need to meet and exceed new customer expectations. Your post VIDOC-19 action plan should focus on the willingness to adapt to meet new realities, including the need to provide your customers with visual and verbal assurances about your facility's dedication to health and cleanliness.

Maintain strict hygiene standards

Maintain guidelines for security and social distancing as much as possible.

In the weeks and months following the lifting of total containment, the plan to reopen your hair salon, beauty salon or barbershop should include policies to reassure customers. So consider precautions that would reinforce word of mouth about the serious steps your salon is taking to protect your customers in a post-VID-19 world.

Immediately after the reopening, :

  • Respect the 2 m space between customer chairs.
  • Ask clients to adhere to social distancing guidelines in the meantime. 
  • Since the virus could resist for several hours on inert surfaces, remove magazines or books from your waiting room and replace them with wipes for smartphones and tablets. 
  • Offer your customers a pair of gloves or hand wipes, or install an automatic hand gel dispenser at the entrance to your salon. 
  • Provide a trash can where they can dispose of used gloves or hand wipes when they leave your hair salon or beauty salon.
  • Regularly clean all frequently touched surfaces in the living room with disinfectant.
  • Ask employees to maintain open accountability practices, remembering to frequently disinfect hands and work areas.
  • Consider staggering shifts.
  • Extend your salon's opening hours.
  • Add more preparation time between customers to ensure complete hygiene in your salon.

Organising your hairdressing salon in a post-Covid-19 world

Since the number of people who can occupy your salon at any given time must be reduced, you will have to make appointments only and limit the number of clients and staff in your salon .

So consider limiting the number of hours your employees work and favouring stable teams.

In such a case, consider opening your salon earlier than usual, then plan a shift change in the early afternoon that extends into the evening.

Of course, there will not be enough hours in the day, so you may have to consider opening seven days a week until the restrictions are lifted. 

For each shift, assign a dedicated employee to be responsible for cleaning and disinfection between appointments. The employee will also need to be involved, but having a cleaning and sanitizing agent will speed up the process and make things go smoothly and safely. 

If one of the employees needs overtime, he or she can always become the "maintenance worker" for a shift or two.

Use technology in your salon 

Les clients ne seraient pas à l'aise d'attendre dans un endroit fermé avec d'autres personnes. Utilisez donc votre agenda Wavy pour optimiser les rendez-vous et garantir un temps d'attente minimal.

Passez au digital grâce à Wavy !

Nous créons pour vous un site Internet personnalisé avec un référencement optimisé, la réservation en ligne,
la prise en main de la fiche Google my Business, 1 post Facebook par semaine, des campagnes SMS et e-mails sur-mesure.

Even the act of handing over a credit card to someone can induce embarrassment. So Wavy allows contactless payments

In a new consumer environment marked by a hyper-hygienic awareness, mobile payment options such as Lydia, reduce the handling of commonly used items.

We note, that the limit for contactless payment will increase from €30 to €50 from May 11, 2020.

In order to make it easier to maintain social distancing, as France begins to relax its containment measures from 11 May, the French Banking Federation (FBF) has confirmed that this limit will be raised to €50 on that date.

Of course, the fundamental service of a haircut or facial will always involve touch, but the effectiveness of all other processes will reassure the customer about the safety and hygiene of the point of sale.

Digitization will go from "nice to have" to "indispensable". So what we will have after the VIDOC-19 crisis is probably a stronger, fitter beauty industry that uses cutting-edge technology to meet new customer expectations, while maintaining its core of empathy and compassion.

Major disasters lead to rapid change, but sometimes change is for the better!

Communicate your strategic changes

Whatever additional measures you implement, communicate these changes to your existing and new clients to reassure them. Be sure to communicate that your salon takes the health of your customers and staff seriously

Inform your customers of your current show hours, how to book their next appointment and how your staff works in shifts to meet their needs. 

Thank them for their continued patience and inform them of new sanitation and social distancing measures

In addition to direct communication, make sure that the same message is repeated on your website, on all your social networks or by doing an SMS campaign.

At Wavy, we provide you with a support service for setting up your SMS campaigns to help you develop your business!

Also consider putting up signs in your hair salon. And ask your staff to engage customers in conversations about your establishment's excellent health practices.

In order to accompany you, Wavy has created a special trade-in kit for you. Download your trade-in communication kit by clicking here.

Despite all the unknowns ahead, remember that you are not alone. Companies around the world face similar challenges in a post-COVID-19 world. All sectors are feeling the weight of uncertainty, don't let that weight hold you back.

Thanks to Wavy, develop a proactive plan by calmly preparing yourself for changes in the consumer environment. To find out more, contact us free of charge ;) 

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