Allianz and Wavy, an exclusive partnership to enable you to work safely

In order to always offer more innovative and differentiating solutions, Wavy has joined forces with Allianz, one of the world's leading insurance companies, to offer you a global package combining tailor-made guarantees and rates reserved for members.

Samir, Allianz general agent, is our privileged partner and he answers all our questions about this unique partnership. Find out more in the following!

What insurance will you offer to our members?

Together with Allianz and my teams, we have thought about creating a coherent package that meets all the needs of a trade fair. Both for the business owner and his team.

This includes comprehensive insurance, the manager's health insurance and provident fund, as well as group insurance covering the health insurance and provident fund of the salon's employees.

The opinion of Vincent Pavie
Manager of the Misters and Barber salon
Samir listened to me, gave me good advice and proposed a tailor-made offer. The rates negotiated with Wavy are very attractive. I am not only protecting my business, but also my family!

What do you mean by multi-risk?

Our comprehensive insurance is an all-in-one policy. Just like your home insurance, this contract covers your premises and everything inside (products, chairs, furniture, etc.). Multi, because this contract covers professional civil liability, financial losses and legal protection.

Of course, in addition to these technical aspects, we are especially at your side in the event of a disaster and in particular for all urgent needs such as cleaning or guarding, which are essential for a rapid return to activity.

Can you tell us about group insurance?

It is the protection of your teams, both for their health costs thanks to the mutual insurance company and for the loss of income following an accident or illness thanks to the providence.

This solution is a real plus in a tight labour market. By offering a cover that respects the minimums of the collective agreement, while offering reinforcements, the needs and budgets of all are respected.

The Allianz x Wavy partnership, insuring your business and your employees

What about the managers, the bosses?

TNS, i.e. self-employed workers, benefit from an advantageous tax framework: the Madelin law. It allows part of the insurance contributions to be deducted from taxable profits. This is the case for health and provident contracts.

Good news for the manager! What about his pension plan?

Indeed, this is a subject that is close to my heart, because we too often believe that a good mutual insurance policy is enough to cover us against the hazards of life. But artisans have less protective social cover than employees. If you are off work, how do you pay your professional and personal expenses?

To improve this coverage, you can take out an individual insurance policy that guarantees better protection and coverage. You need to plan today so that you don't have to think about it tomorrow.

A final word?

Thank you, it is essential for our agency to end this interview on the notions of availability and advice. All the guarantees we have discussed are adapted differently to each salon, each team, each hairdresser. That's why I'm first establishing a complete diagnosis free of charge!

Written by
Aurélie Pauker
Always attracted by the world of hairdressing and beauty, today I answer the problems you may have.

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