How to ensure the communication of your salon before it opens?

Do your hair, you know how to do it! But attracting people you don't know to your future salon may seem like a more complicated task... And for good reason, your hairdresser's salon has many means of communication today.

Ensure the communication of your exhibition before its opening.

Is your salon opening soon? And the best thing that can happen to you is a full schedule! Anjela, an expert in communication in the hair and beauty sector, will show you step by step the supports to use to ensure the communication of your salon before its opening. Through this video, Anjela and KoudeCizo have only one goal: to make sure that your agenda is full! The video lasts 13 minutes, but that's because everything is explained in detail, with concrete examples that you can apply to your own salon. Register in no time at all, and it's free!

KoudeCizo is a free platform that deals with all subjects except hairdressing! Find accounting, marketing, legal, human resources... everything to help you in your daily life as an entrepreneur ;)

Wavy, your communication partner for your hair salon or beauty salon

Wavy is not only a cash register software, but also a real partner for your trade show communication. We create a white-label website with your image (in your name and not Wavy's), offer online booking, publish one Facebook post per week, send your SMS campaigns. Ask directly for a demo!

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