Le Beauté Coiffure Digital by Wavy, 1st digital salon in the beauty & hairdressing sector

Events in all sectors are mostly postponed, some cancelled, due to Covid-19. In France, gatherings of more than 5,000 people are for the moment banned until the end of August, but it would be irresponsible and unreasonable on the part of the players in the event industry to maintain physical exhibitions and to participate in them from September 2020.

Nevertheless, trade shows are important moments for brands as well as for managers. In the beauty and hairdressing sector, events are a veritable anthill of conferences, training sessions, promotional offers and shows. Professionals in the sector go there to learn, to do good business, and to party!

This is why this year in particular, also for budgetary reasons as travel, accommodation and food represent a significant cost for managers, the professionals of the sector are turning to a new event: the Digital Beauty Hairdressing, 1st event 100% online and 100% digital in the sector!

What is Digital Hair Beauty?

The Digital Beauty & Hair Salon is a unique digital event that will take place live on September 6th & 7th, dedicated to the beauty and hairdressing community, and allowing exhibitors to interact with their customers and prospects, just like a physical event! Exhibitors will be able to unveil their new products, host conferences or shows, or talk about their latest innovations.

Digital Hair Beauty is a digital format without precedent in the beauty industry, and will undoubtedly be an opportunity to do good business, meet new people and attend inspiring conferences.

What's more, all participation in the Digital Hair Beauty is 100% free! No excuse for not attending.

For us, Digital Hair Beauty is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity to show how strong and trendy our industry can be. Digital Hair Beauty is one of our responses to the circumstances we face.

What does Digital Hair Beauty offer?

On 6 and 7 September 2020, event exhibitors and registered beauty professionals will be able to interact in a virtual environment to create business opportunities, discover upcoming news and trends, and meet brands for free on the digital platform www.beautecoiffuredigital.fr.

Interaction with your favorite brands

The platform allows you to contact your potential business partners directly for your online B2B meetings. All exhibitors can easily meet beauty professionals, discuss with them live and present their offers. Creating connections between exhibitors and beauty professionals is one of the most important components of the event. So create the space and opportunity for interaction and watch the magic happen.

Special offers from Digital Beauty Hairdressing

A salon without a special discount is not really a salon. Exhibitors will offer a multitude of discounts and offers to make the event as rewarding as possible for all beauty professionals. 

Online conferences 

The Digital Beauty Hairdressing will bring together beauty, hairdressing and digital experts who will share their experience and advice through online conferences to reshape our industry with a long-term vision. 

Our goal is to share the best expert advice. 

Discover the trends that will punctuate your year thanks to the various online conferences. You will get answers to your questions, which will help you prepare for everything that awaits you in the future. 

Live shows

We will do our utmost to offer you live shows and for each brand to have the opportunity to host a live show on its exhibitor page.

Who can participate in the Digital Hair Beauty? 

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Digital Hair Beauty is dedicated to the different brands and professionals in the hair and beauty sector. Just like physical salons, there are exhibitors and visitors. 

The event's exhibitors, brands, product or service suppliers, will offer new content to accompany beauty professionals. The program will be online in August.

How do I register for Digital Beauty Hairdressing?

To participate in the online beauty salon, it is necessary to register on the official site of Beauté Coiffure Digital, and enter the information requested, whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor.

You want to register directly?

If you are an exhibitor, click here.

If you are a visitor, click here.

As you can see, the Digital Hair Beauty is a new event in France, the very 1st event that brings together the professionals of the sector in one place: www.beautecoiffuredigital.fr.

The free event not to be missed is September 6 and 7!

Indicate your presence and receive news about the Facebook event at the show.

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