How to use and choose hashtags on Instagram?

Find out how to properly use and choose hashtags on Instagram

An average of 95 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram every day according to the BlogDuModerateur!  

Your post can therefore easily go unnoticed in this ocean of photos... Unless you use the right hashtags!  

What's a hashtag?

Indeed, using hashtags allows us to categorize the posts and find the posts we are interested in more easily.  

Specific to Instagram, hashtags are sometimes also used on Facebook but they are not really necessary as far as this platform is concerned.  

A hashtag is a hashtag followed by a name: #name. This allows you to indicate, describe what is on your post, for example in the case of a photo representing a shaded hair you would use: #ombréhair.  

A good use of hashtags can make you gain visibility and increase your number of followers and therefore potential customers!  

How to choose the right hashtags on your Instagram posts?

The #'s must be used to list your posts in categories that match the content of your post.

Some #'s are already used in abundance, it is important to select the hashtags so that your post is not "lost" among the others.

Take the #haircut hashtag for example, type it in the Instagram search bar, in the "TAGS" tab and you will see the number of posts that have used this hashtag.

The hashtags for your hairdressing salon 1

Result? 33.8 million posts have this hashtag in their description.  

On the other hand, the hashtag #haircutting is less used, it is present in 59,000 posts.

We advise you to use hashtags that are not used en masse or to combine them with more precise hashtags. You can put several hashtags per post, the ideal number is 5 to 10 hashtags.

If you don't know what hashtag to put, or how to spell it, go to the Instagram search bar, in the "TAGS" tab to test it.

You can do this to on the one hand, check that you are not just embedding hashtags that are heavily used in your domain, and on the other hand, to find hashtags that match your post.  

Let's take a look at an example:

You would like to post a photo of a client who has been scanned in your living room in the 20th arrondissement. In this case, try typing in the search bar several names qualifying your post.  

If you type scan (c.f. picture below), you may notice that it's a widely used hashtag. You can choose this hashtag, but you must use other more accurate hashtags for your photo to really get qualitative views.

The hashtags for your hair salon 2

If you type #scanageparis, you can see that it is less used and that it can be interesting to add to your post. A customer looking for a hairdresser in Paris for a sweep will see your post, and please, he might call you! Think of these hashtags as keywords for a search engine.

To be even more precise, you can put #scanparis20.

The hashtags for your hairdressing salon 3

You can also use the #hairdresser. It is very widespread but allows you to be referenced among hairdressers on Instagram.

The hashtags for your hairdressing salon 6

All combinations are possible, you can couple the hairstyles to the colour for example.

The hashtags for your hairdressing salon 5

Here is an example of several hashtags that can be grouped together in a post:

#Sweep #hairdresser #hairdresserparis #hairdresserparis20 #Sweepparis #blonde #blonde sweep #sweepparis  

The most widely used hashtags allow access to a larger audience and a greater flow of visits. This audience will either "like" your post, others may go to your profile and "follow" you. The less common and accurate hashtags will give you visibility and notoriety with people who are looking for something specific such as a sweep in the 20th district. These people are the most likely to contact you to make an appointment.

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