Heading towards plastic-free with the eco-designed accessories brand Cap Bambou

The cosmetics industry is not the best pupil when it comes to plastic consumption, and even if the climate emergency makes the collective conscience evolve around environmental issues, there is still a long way to go to free ourselves from all plastic.

Far from being inertia, France is aiming to move away from single-use plastic by 2040, and the FEBEA (Federation of Beauty Companies) presented in June 2021 the "Plastic Act", an action plan with the goal of reducing plastic consumption in the cosmetics sector by 2025.

Among the brands that have not waited to completely get rid of the use of plastic, Cap BambooCap Bambou, which has made eco-design and responsible commitment its main mission.

🎋 The birth of Cap Bambou: between Asia and France

Cap Bambou was born in 2018, at the initiative of Jeremy and Magali Tribou, then expatriates in Asia. There they discovered the use of this exotic material, and back in France, they launched their brand of products made of bamboo.

One year later, the company was taken over by Vincent Penel (then sales manager for the brand) and his partner Eulalie Girod. Vincent's expertise in responsible distribution (bulk grocery stores, organic stores, concept stores, pharmacies, etc.) and Eulalie's convictions and actions in the field of hairdressing (where she has been practicing for more than 20 years), naturally led them to develop, among other things, ranges of hair accessories and equipment for hairdressers made of bamboo.

Eulalie Girod and Vincent Penel

"Our vocation is to offer natural and biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic products that pollute our beaches and oceans the most.

Our products are biosourced and eco-designed: 100% NATURAL".

Why is using bamboo responsible? 🎍

The brand manufactures its accessories with MOSO bamboo, also called winter bamboo, a plant that is part of a sustainable development approach:

  • Short harvesting cycles: this giant bamboo (15 to 20 meters high, or even more) grows extremely fast: it takes about 5 years to reach the age of felling (unlike other fast-growing trees which will wait 10 to 20 years).
  • No pesticides: it has natural antibacterial and antifungal substances and therefore does not require the application of pesticides to be grown. Its production is also very low in water.
  • Low carbon footprint: it rejects 30% of oxygen and captures 5 times more CO2 than other trees (a considerable asset against the greenhouse effect), which allows it to absorb the energy cost of transport from its country of harvest. Moreover, the products are transported via Green Line, a less polluting maritime transport network, or by rail, in second life boxes.
  • Raw material of natural and renewable origin: Cap Bambou products are made of raw bamboo from sustainable forests (not bamboo fiber) according to strict specifications.

🌎 Concrete commitments: transparency, zero waste, eco-design

For the French company, every detail counts. The packaging does not cut it: no over-packaging at Cap Bambou, the products are sent in bulk or in kraft boxes, wedged with biodegradable corn starch flakes. This contributes greatly to the reduction of plastic packaging, which represents 55 000 tons in France in the cosmetics sector.

"In the age of greenwashing, our priority is transparency and our main goal is to make Cap Bambou as ethical as possible, a company that helps consumers change their habits by offering natural solutions. We will never hide the origin of our products and we will always manage our company in an eco-responsible way."

Their citizen acts do not stop there: with its zero waste products, Cap Bambou is also a member of the Bulk Networkand is a member of 1% for the planet (they pay every year 1% of their turnover to the collective, which redistributes it to organizations working for the protection of the environment).

The star products at Cap Bambou ✨


This raw bamboo display stand is ideal for storing your bamboo brushes and combs nicely for sale: it can hold 6 "large" detangling hairbrushes, 6 "small" travel/children's hairbrushes, 6 detangling combs and 6 wide tooth handleless combs.


The coloring kit includes :

A bowl perfectly suited to hold chemical dyes. It is easy to clean and is a good alternative to plastic bowls.

A reusable application brush.

A reusable mixing spoon.

All the elements are made of biodegradable raw bamboo and covered with a varnish to protect them and to reuse them easily.


Rectangular format for a better field of vision and with an easy grip thanks to its 2 handles on the sides.

Dimensions : 36,5 x 22,5 cm


This 16 x 23 cm scale with raw bamboo tray weighs to the nearest gram to ensure optimal and accurate results.

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