NF525 certification: what does this mean for hairdressers?

Proudly equipped with NF525 certification, our Wavy cash register software offers optimal user comfort, as well as reliable management of your hair salon or beauty salon in real time. Wavy is simple to use and constantly innovates. This does not prevent it from complying with mandatory standards and in particular the NF525 mark.

But what is NF525?

Known to the general public as the "NF525 standard", the NF525 is not a simple standard but rather a certification mark that guarantees that a cash register software complies with the French finance law. It refers to any NF525 certified cash register, required by the French law of January 2018. This regulation is a measure to fight against tax fraud, especially VAT fraud, and to protect users.

NF525 certification hairdressing salon

According to this regulation, any business subject to VAT, which records its financial transactions by means of management, accounting or cash register software, must use a system which complies with the conditions of inalterability (the impossibility of modifying), security, storage and archiving of data, for the control of the tax administration.

Contrary to what you may read sometimes, there is no obligation to have a certified cash register software if you are 100% hand operated. But as soon as you are computerized, you must have certified software, which will make your daily life easier and provide support, freeing up more time for your customers.  

The aim is to combat tax fraud and software that facilitates the concealment of VAT receipts. Clearly, the aim is to combat the black'. This regulation will therefore make fraud impossible. Any breach of this obligation will result in a fine of € 7500, with an ultimatum to settle the situation within 60 days and renewable until confirmation of certification.

Why does the state require NF525 certification?

Prior to the January 1, 2018 regulation, some systems allowed businesses to avoid recording a sale and the resulting taxes, or to effectively erase it from any digital recording.

To prevent this type of fraud through cash registers, article 88 of the Finance Act requires that if the hairdresser uses cash register software, it must be certified. In order to comply with this law, INFOCERT, with AFNOR certification has developed the NF525 mark which requires that all cash register systems meet four conditions: data inalterability, security, storage and archiving standards.

The requirements of the NF525 standard

The requirements of the NF 525 standard can be grouped into 4 areas. This means that the cash register software must be coded to ensure that the data from each sales process is collected, stored and archived in complete security, and that it remains traceable in its integrity.

Our software is updated to ensure that entries collected cannot be modified or deleted. This also means that any changes to a sale, whether an error or a return, must be entered as a new transaction in the system.  

Today, only the tickets collected are tracked and recorded in a register, but the regulations will become stricter from September 2020. Two major changes will therefore be added to the new version of NF525 :  

  • the historization of abandoned transactions, in order to ensure the traceability and conservation of deleted tickets, cancelled appointments or noshow appointments. Now even a ticket created by mistake and deleted in the process will be kept in the register.
  • The addition of unique numbers based on a seamless chronological sequence on tickets and quotes to ensure that no tickets have been deleted. For example: Quote number 008 follows quote number 007 and precedes quote number 009. If you delete the middle quote (number 008), you will only have two quotes left, numbered 007, 009. And it will then be known that one quote is missing.
NF525 2020 reform

Don't panic, these modifications will be applied from September 2020 on Wavy. Note that our software has the NF525 certificate valid until August 30, 2020;

In order to prove that your software complies with the law, you can show the tax authorities the NF525 certificate of conformity from Wavy. Click here to obtain it.

At Wavy's, we don't want to stop there. Since our creation, our objective has not changed: we want to offer experts in the beauty sector innovative solutions based on the latest technologies in order to maximise your operational efficiency.

And that is why, with this certification, we will continue to focus on introducing great innovations into our product.

We constantly renew our commitment to our customers that Wavy will continue to develop innovative software while guaranteeing the highest possible safety and quality standards. Therefore, the best thing is for you to try it yourself, so ask for your free demo!

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