How to adapt your management to generation Z?

The young people of generation Z, i.e. those born from 1995 onwards, are already increasingly on the labour market. As a manager, you need to know how to adapt to this new generation by implementing a management style that meets their expectations while keeping your own method.

In this article, we give you tips on how to adapt your management to this generation in order to motivate and stimulate them in the best possible way.

Why are we talking about Generation Z? 

This term actually comes from "horiZontal", as they envisage management as an equal. Indeed, this generation states that they will respect their superior, not on the basis of his or her diploma or authority, but rather on the basis of his or her expertise, capacity to undertake, trust and listening skills.

How to adapt your management to generation Z?

1. Give them autonomy... 

Generation Z, when arriving in a new company, wants to be trusted and given autonomy. And so with this freedom they will be able to show all their skills and know-how. However, it is up to you, as the manager, to make them feel comfortable and to give them autonomy. To do this, don't hesitate to give them responsibility, to encourage risk-taking or to give them confidence. All of these elements will help them to feel at home. In fact, you can make them responsible by delegating tasks that have added value. On the other hand, you can also ask them questions about important decisions to get their opinion. They will feel valued and their work will be more productive. 

Finally, it is important to note that the young people of Generation Z are constantly looking for challenges. They are not afraid of failure, and see it, on the contrary, as a way to bounce back and improve. This is why they expect their managers to give them challenging assignments with specific goals to achieve, but with the expectation that they will be able to work independently and have responsibilities. As a manager in a hairdressing salon, you should therefore learn to delegate certain tasks. For example, if you are training a new employee, don't hesitate to offer him or her the task of merchandising. In your salon, the sale of products can significantly increase your turnover, so it is important to think about the best way to display these products. By giving your new recruit this task, you are giving him/her responsibility, which will give him/her confidence. You can also entrust him/her with the cashiering of your salon. This mission is an opportunity to give them challenges so that they sell as many products as possible, for example.

How to adapt your management to generation Z?

2. ...But don't forget to keep a certain hierarchy 

As we have seen, as a manager you need to know how to give freedom to the people you manage in order to motivate and integrate them. But beware, generation Z also feels the need to be guided by inspiring managers who provide a framework and reference points, and who know how to cut through conflicts and problematic situations. Thus, they do not question the very existence of hierarchy, but rather the form it takes in companies. They prefer an authority of competence to a de facto authority. Today, in their minds, it is no longer enough to be a 'leader'. For them, authority is gained through experimentation.

Moreover, for Generation Z, feedback is a fundamental element of evolution. Indeed, this feedback allows them to know if their actions are going in the right direction. So don't skimp on constructive criticism and other forms of encouragement to reassure them, support them in their work and help them improve day by day. In your hairdressing salon, if you notice that your apprentice has not done a treatment properly, for example, explain to him or her what needs to be corrected and how he or she can improve so that he or she understands the mistakes .

3. Highlight the values you share

People born from 1995 onwards choose their company according to the values it promotes. In fact, according to a LEWIS study, today only 19% of Generation Z members say they would work for a company that does not share their values. So, whether it's during the interview or once the person has been recruited, don't hesitate to elaborate on your company's values, vision and goals. This will help them to feel that they belong and therefore to invest themselves fully. The values that stand out the most when talking about a hair salon are creativity, professionalism, friendliness and authenticity

In addition, by getting to know them, you will be able to entrust them with tasks that are made for them and that they will carry out perfectly. Indeed, a good manager must be able to detect the capacities of each of his collaborators in order to delegate tasks and to rely on their complementarities .

How to adapt your management to generation Z?

4. Do not hesitate to satisfy their need for curiosity

Generation Z is self-constructed through school, business, news reports and more... They are constantly connected to the Internet and are eager to learn. 

The principle of the "good" manager is to trust them by giving them responsibility and challenges. As we have seen, don't hesitate to offer them tasks such as merchandising or cashiering in your salon, while giving them clear objectives to achieve so that they can best evaluate their performance.

On the other hand, if they are unfamiliar with the subject, they will enjoy learning and researching. As learning is very important for this generation, you can offer them step-by-step more technical services in order to pass on your know-how in a progressive way.

This means that you must not stifle the creativity of this generation by locking them into rigid processes that will only ruin their motivation. You must therefore vary the tasks to break the routine but also encourage personal initiative.

This is why it is important to offer your employees the opportunity to follow training courses. Indeed, as an employee you accumulate training credits that allow you to follow training courses throughout your professional career. As a hairdresser, you can learn new trendy techniques such as shaggy hair or colours that you have not yet fully mastered .

Finally, like any good manager, you need to foster communication and provide regular updates. This will help you build trust and give them access to the training they need to develop their skills.

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