How do I put the booking online on my Facebook page?

You have decided to opt for online booking because you have understood the benefits it can bring to your hairdressing salon, there is only one thing missing: informing your customers of this new feature.

In order to make the customer experience more fluid and to increase your chances of getting appointments in your lounge, it is important to make the online booking link available on your different digital channels.

Your Facebook page is an asset since your customers can also book by going directly to it by adding the "Book" button.

So customers who found you via Facebook or who had already exchanged with you via Facebook Messenger for example can now book in a few clicks via your Facebook page. To enable this, you need to configure your page and add a "Book" button as below :

Display of the book button on your Facebook page

We have prepared a tutorial to add this button, just follow the steps and you're done! 1/ Go to your Facebook page, you will see on the right an icon "Add a button", click on it.

Click on "add button"

2/ A configuration window opens and offers you different types of buttons. Choose the option "Book at home" at the top of the list.

Click on "Book at home"

3/ Click on it then check the box "Reserve" and then "Next".

Click on "Book" then "Next".

4/ Then we are going to link this button to your website, for that click on "Link to website".

Insert a link

5/ This window will be displayed and it will be necessary to go to seek the link which will make it possible to connect this button.

Find the corresponding link

If not, follow these instructions:

‍5/1. Go to the backoffice of your Wavy application, log in with the same application identifiers. Go to the settings section, then the "online booking" tab.

Go to the

5/2. Click on "integrate the reservation on my website". A menu with several links will be displayed. The one we are interested in will be the one under the title "Navigation method".

click on "integrate the reservation on my website".

6/ Copy this link, go back to your Facebook page where you were, and paste it in the dedicated area then click on "save".

Copy and paste this link

7/ Then the following window will appear, you just have to click on "Finish".

Click on "Finish"

8/ And voilà, your "Book" button appears on your Facebook page, your customers can now make an appointment online from your page.

The "Book" button is now displayed

Finally, all you have to do is inform your customers about this new feature and why not invite them to try it.

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