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How to choose your hair dryer? Wavy Store x Velecta Paris

During our last webinar, we had the pleasure of welcoming Nicolas Chausson, CEO of Velecta France, whose advice we sought on the characteristics of these essential devices of the show.

Velecta is 86 years of expertise in the manufacture of hair dryers. French, the brand is now the first in the world to offer professional hair dryers made in France 🇫🇷

Here is the summary of this exchange with you, thank you again for your participation and the relevance of your questions!

What should I consider when choosing a hairdryer when I am a hairdresser?

The features to focus on depend on the needs of each professional, and what they will prioritize as an attribute for their device. For Nicolas Chausson, it's simple: you must choose what is most important to you.

  • The power

As Velecta's CEO pointed out, studies show that the number one criterion for hairdressers when choosing a hairdryer is power . However, this demand can be misleading when choosing the appliance.

Sometimes, the marketing names of products can be misleading, it is important to look at the real power of the hair dryer indicated in watts.

However, be careful not to choose your hair dryer based on motor power alone, because depending on the shape, design and construction of the hair dryer, the air may not flow in the right way. For example, some 1800W hair dryers may not have good airflow if the internal circuit is not optimal, while others will have impeccable airflow at the same power. So don't chase the watts! The design must allow the airflow to be at its maximum, and for this, professional brands whose job is to manufacture hair dryers are to be preferred.

Also, power is sometimes prioritized over weight and energy savings.

  • The weight

We know very well that the profession is subject to the handling of different tools, in different postures, which can cause musculoskeletal disorders. The choice of a lighter hair dryer is then indicated to palliate this problem, it is a real comfort of use.

As for the power, pay attention to the manufacturer's criteria that will direct you to the lightest possible number of grams: a hair dryer with a lower weight can still be less comfortable than a slightly heavier one. Paradoxically, weight is not everything: the motor vibrations must not be too strong(some have a motor that goes at more than 10,000 rpm!) and it must be well balanced.

The grip of the product is also a factor: a good grip will make up for the few extra grams, unlike a lighter but less well-designed and balanced hair dryer.

Be careful: a very light hair dryer will have a smaller motor and will be made of lighter material and will therefore be a little less powerful and a little noisier.

  • The noise

The noise of these electrical appliances is a nuisance for both hairdressers and customers.

If your priority is the quietness of your appliance, you will look at the decibel level of your hair dryer.

In this case, choose one that has a reinforced and thicker body so that the noise is blocked inside, and a motor that runs slower.

  • The origin

We are all more or less sensitive to the origin of our products, and if this criterion is important to you, look carefully at the brands that manufacture in France, you will be reassured that the working conditions of employees are respected.

For Velecta France, the protection of workers is a priority, and it is a criterion that it wishes to value with its customers.

The choice of your hair dryer can also be based on your own values (proximity to the brand, follow-up, etc.)

  • Durability and reliability

How can you tell if a hair dryer is repairable? Look to see if the device has screws. If there are, then it can be opened, and this is a sign that it is repairable, and the brands can offer to repair the product. For example, Velecta repairs its products up to 10 years (the warranty is 2 years). The brand makes the step of preferring to repair its products to avoid putting a new product on the market by producing plastic or electric.

Reliability and durability are among the non-rational criteria that can impact your purchasing decision.

Here is a comparative table of Velecta hair dryers available on Wavy Store to help you in your choice:

Watch the entire webinar for additional information on hair dryers and salon resale tips:

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