Paid holidays, how do you manage them in style?

Whether in hair salons or beauty salons, the question of paid holidays is often a thorny issue! Wavy gives you the keys to managing your employees' holiday schedule in the best possible way.

To begin with, the law is clear: "Every employee is entitled to paid leave at the expense of the employer each year. Each month of work entitles the employee to a leave of 2.5 working days. It is the employer who organizes, according to certain rules, the leave departures. ».  

The acquisition of paid holidays for hairdressing salons or beauty institutes

As you can see, every month a hairdresser or beautician gets 2.5 days of paid holidays, regardless of whether he or she has worked 35 or 27 hours. To be entitled to it, he or she only needs to have spent at least 10 days in the company. Holidays are calculated over a reference period running from 1 June to 31 May. During this period, the employee has a total of 30 days of leave.

Understand when and how to take paid holidays in style ;)

Regardless of the reference period (which may change depending on company agreements), the employee must take at least 12 consecutive days and a total of 24 days between May 1 and October 31, which is the summer period. If the employee was not able to take the 24 days over the reference period, then he will be entitled :

  • 1 extra day off if he had 3 to 5 days left to take
  • to 2 additional days off for plus 6 remaining days

The employee cannot decide on his or her days off himself or herself, he or she can make a request, but the employer has the last word. If a hairdresser or beautician leaves in spite of his employer's refusal, he may be dismissed for serious misconduct. You should also be aware that days of sick leave or maternity leave should not be taken into account when calculating paid holidays. The employer cannot therefore deduct them from the 30 days earned.

Define a schedule of paid holidays to better manage its activity

We advise you to organize with your employees to establish the dates of departure on leave. By establishing a schedule in advance, you will be able to manage customer appointments according to the teams in place and the know-how of each one. The dates must be communicated at least 1 month in advance and must be posted in the company. You will no longer be able to change them except in cases of force majeure such as the death of an employee or an unforeseen increase in activity likely to save the company and jobs.

Are untaken paid holidays lost?

If leave is not taken by the final date of May 31, it will be lost. But there are exceptions to this rule. First of all, if the employee was unable to take the leave, he or she can ask the employer for compensation. In addition, the employee can also request that leave not taken be carried over to the next period. We strongly advise you to do this so as not to cast a chill and spoil the atmosphere in your hairdressing salon or beauty parlour!

Counting of paid holidays for a hairdresser or beauty salon employee

This is easy to do, only working days can be counted. Be careful not to confuse working days with business days. In the beauty sector, opening days are generally from Tuesday to Saturday. However, all days except Sunday are considered working days. Monday is therefore a working day even if you don’t work. Example: your hairdresser works from Tuesday to Saturday:

  • She's going on vacation on Saturday night. Her first day off is Monday
  • She leaves on Friday night. Her first day off is Saturday, but Sunday will not be counted.

Special case acquisition 2.08 days per month

In some hairdressing salons or beauty salons, employees are no longer contributing 2.5 days per working month, but 2.08 days. This solution is entirely legal in this case the count will be done over a week of 5 working days instead of 6. As a company manager, you have many complex tasks to manage. Wavy offers you management and communication support solutions to help you get your head above water! Discover the Wavy app to manage your business in style.

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