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Cosmoprof Asia is the most renowned beauty salon in Southeast Asia, and we can even define it as one of the most internationally recognized. It takes place every year in Hong Kong, and this year again, the organizers have decided to divide the show in two parts for strategic reasons... Read more in the article ;)

Cosmoprof 2019: back to the show in Hong Kong

For its 24th edition, Cosmoprof Asia welcomed 2,955 exhibitors from 48 different countries, in two venues with a total surface area of 118,900 m2.

The Cosmoprof Asia and the Cosmopack Asia: 1 exhibition, 2 venues

Cosmoprof Asia, the original name of the exhibition, is also the name given to the part of the show taking place from 13 to 15 November at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. Cosmopack Asia is the name given to the part of the show held at AsiaWorld-Expo, within the Hong Kong Airport, from November 12 to 14.  

This formula "1 expo, 2 places" is a strategic choice on the part of the organisers, satisfying both visitors and exhibitors. Cosmopack Asia welcomes exhibitors offering supply chain solutions: raw materials and ingredients, machinery, primary and secondary packaging, manufacturing, private labels.

Primary packaging: this is the container of the final product, for example the perfume in its glass bottle.

Secondary packaging: it has a physical role, such as the perfume in its cardboard box.

Cosmoprof Asia exhibits finished product brands in all sectors of the cosmetics industry: perfumes and make-up, beauty salon and spa, hairdressing, nail care, accessories, as well as all natural and organic products. Visitors have the opportunity to explore all the novelties on the market during these 4 days.  

Korea is the most represented country among the exhibitors in the entire exhibition. There are a total of 630 Korean booths, including thematic seminars and live demonstrations on the power of K-beauty (K for Korea in English).  

The organizer also invested heavily in marketing and promotional activities. More than 10,000 hotel nights were offered to buyers; each exhibitor can invite 2 buyers to take advantage of this offer. This year, the organizer increased its budget by 50% compared to the previous year.

Sustainable development and personalization in the spotlight

Both venues have sustainable development and personalisation as their themes: facilities and common areas will be based on the importance of respect for the environment and the circular economy for the development of the international cosmetics industry.  

At Cosmopack Asia, the organizer highlighted the "MEXME factory", a tool that develops and creates an all-in-one cosmetic product. All the production stages are shown to visitors live, from manufacturing to packaging. Visitors can customize all the products they want to their needs. The MEXME tool contains make-up for the eyes (mascara, eyeliner, eyebrows and brushes) and lips (matte lipstick, matte lip pencil and lip balm).  

Discover the video presentation of 'The MEXME factory'.

At Cosmoprof Asia, COSMOLAB and Opal Cosmetics also bewitch visitors with their customizable fragrances, from the scent of the perfume to its packaging.

The Cosmoprof Asia 2019 Awards

Exhibitors, buyers, media, and influencers were invited to celebrate the 10 winning companies of the 2019 Awards, chosen from among 614 competitors (+16% compared to last year). The winners were selected based on criteria of innovation, excellence and commitment to the sector. Trophies designed by the centdegrés agency were awarded to the 10 winners.  

The Awards, organized in partnership with the world's leading beauty company Beautystreams, recognized the most outstanding beauty products in each venue. Cosmopack Asia Awards celebrates innovation, creativity and supply chain operation. Cosmoprof Asia Awards recognizes the best strategies to increase brand awareness. Beautystreams and the jury of opinion leaders, experts and journalists select the grand winners. But also for the first time, the organizer has created a "Visitors' Choice" Award, where visitors can vote for the company they prefer. Cosmoprof Asia is definitely one of the most impressive shows in the beauty industry.

The organizer provides all pre-registered visitors with a report on skin care trends across Asia for an optimized customer experience. Cosmoprof Asia, a show to do at least once in a lifetime!

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