How to deal with undecided, routine and high-risk clients?

As a hairdresser, you meet different types of people every day, and the behaviour you have to adopt towards these clients must vary. Mathieu Kiener, founder of the Mashiro Scissors brand, former salesman and hairdresser, has used his experience to help you in your behaviour towards 3 different types of customers: the undecided customer, the routine customer and the at-risk customer.

How to deal with undecided, routine and high-risk customers?

How to deal with an undecided customer

The undecided customer is the customer who either knows better than you do, trusts you completely or does not know what he wants. The undecided customer often wants change without their hair being cut, they need to be reassured and have confidence in themselves. Throughout the appointment, i.e. during the diagnosis, during the service, and at the end of the service, it is important that you choose your words carefully and that you make your proposals adhere to them.

How to behave when dealing with a routine customer

The routine customer is your loyal customer, whom you have known for a few years and who never changes his haircut. The routine customer does not know the current trends and prefers to stick to what he knows. He is your "easy" customer, with whom you don't spend any time during the diagnosis, with whom you feel comfortable without even thinking about what you are doing. But this is definitely not the behaviour you should adopt! You need to shake up your habits and those of your customers, at the risk of losing them to a competitor offering new products.

The behaviour to adopt when dealing with a risky client

The at-risk client is the client who has a rather cold attitude and who strongly believes in what he knows or thinks he knows. This customer is very attached to appearance and if he has a specific cut in mind, he will want the same cut, he will often show you a photo so that you can build on his choice. With the client at risk, you have to be careful in your words and behaviour, unfortunately conflict can quickly arise.  


It is important to identify the customer in front of you so that your customer can have complete confidence in you, thus building loyalty and creating positive word-of-mouth. Through his videos, Mathieu clearly explains how to recognize each profile, the words to use and the behaviour to adopt at each stage of the service!

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