A customer file in a hair salon. What's that for? Why?

A customer file is one of the keys to the development of your hair salon or beauty salon. Without this precious information about your customers you risk limiting the potential development of your turnover! Today, there is so much competition in the beauty sector (more than 87,000 hair salons and nearly 50,000 beauty institutes in France), every prospect or customer is important. Gone are the days when you were the only establishment in the neighbourhood, now there can be several hairdressing salons in the same street. So you need to "know everything" about your customers to keep them loyal. To do this, a customer file is essential.

Why is it necessary to have a customer file in a hair salon or beauty institute?

Knowing a customer's average record, the number of visits per year or the services he requests helps to build customer loyalty. To develop your turnover there are some basic principles, attract new customers via communication or marketing, or increase the number of visits from existing customers and their average basket. This second solution is simple and costs almost nothing. Just say the right words to the right person. And you can choose these words based on the habits of your customers that you have recorded in your customer file. For example, if a customer comes only 3 times a year, offer her interesting promotions or a loyalty card to make her come back more quickly.

The information to be recorded for the customer file of your hairdressing salon or beauty salon

Whether digital or paper, the customer file must be updated instantly during or after each service. It is a unique database that offers a 360° view of each client. It should contain :

  • Identity: Last name, first name, age and contact details. These four points are essential. They will allow you, for example, to conduct targeted email/telephone campaigns to offer promotions or simply make the customer want to come back. This category can be even more complete with his job, his favourite drink or his favourite magazine.
  • The benefits: You need to know which is the last service requested by your client in order to propose the same one if she was satisfied or simply to better approach the next one.
  • Purchases: All products sold must be registered. If a customer bought a cream two months ago, it is possible that her jar is finished. By seeing the date of her last purchase, you will be able to offer her to buy some more, or even a complementary one.

A computerised customer file integrated into your checkout with the Wavy app!

If keeping all this paperwork up to date scares you... and we understand you!
The functionalities of the Wavy application's Management offer, linked to your cash register, stocks, planning and financial reports, allows you to digitise your customer file in order to optimise your chances of increasing your turnover.  

Whether it is the last services performed or consumption habits, you can record everything. In one click, when a customer arrives, you can see that she always takes a coffee before her service.

Offer her one, the client will feel that she is unique and that you remember her previous visit. Beyond that, the Wavy checkout system makes it easy to create text messages to build loyalty.

For example, select your male clients who have not been here for several months and offer them a barber service at a reduced price. And hop, a tailor-made offer to make your customers come back and challenge the competition!

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