How do you manage the Christmas period in your hairdressing salon?

This is it, the time of year when the snow falls and the wind blows... Except for you! No, no, in your barber shop, the end of the year is a race and it's hot! Sometimes a little too much...

The Wavy team, which has now been with you for more than 4 years, is witnessing the overwork you experience in your hair salon during the holiday season. This is why we have decided to help you.

Christmas 2020 is a very important period for the health of your hairdresser, beauty salon or barbershop. It is the month when your turnover explodes and it is important that you can work efficiently. So take advantage of the rush at the end of the year to recoup some of the losses you have suffered throughout the year.

In this article, we offer a few tips and best practices that will help you manage the Christmas period more easily, and thus ensure a successful organization.

Optimize your planning for the month of December

Your customers generally tend to want to make their appointments a few days before Christmas. Find out how you can organize your appointments by targeting your customer base.

Organize your appointments with SMS

It is usually your clients who will make their appointment 1 or 2 days before Christmas, which is perfectly understandable... Brushing at home, it's D-Day!

Our advice: bring the men in at the beginning of the month!

A man's haircut doesn't change much in a week or two. Encourage your male clients to come to your hair salon between December 1st and 20th.

How do you do it?

Communicate from December 1st on these different points:

Tip 1: Send an SMS campaign to your male customers

Your male customers are most likely thinking of you in the corner of their heads. Nevertheless, some of them postpone their call to make an appointment in your salon.

Don't wait for their call and take the lead in getting them to come!

Take the initiative tosend an SMS campaign to attract them to your hair salon in the first half of December. SMS is a very effective means of communication: 95% of messages are read within 10 minutes of receipt.

In the SMS message, you can indicate that you are (almost) sold out from 20 to 31 December, or offer a promotion of -5% or -10%. Here are a few examples:

Tip 2: Communicate exceptional opening hours

We recommend that you open your hairdressing salon exceptionally on certain Sundays or Mondays in December. This will allow you to recoup the losses of the second confinement, and to be more relaxed in your race against time on the other days of the week. If you don't want to open on Sundays or Mondays, you can also offer night openings, on Tuesday or Thursday evenings for example.

In any case, it is important that you communicate about the exceptional openings and closings of your hair salon by SMS, but also on Facebook and your website.

This information must appear on all your platforms to ensure their visibility by your customers and prospects.

Tip 3: Prioritize your most loyal customers

It's a universal rule... It costs 6 to 7 times less to get people back to the city. a loyal customer than to acquire a new one!

With this in mind, do not hesitate to call or make a special offer for your most loyal customers. These customers are to be prioritized in your planning. Their loyalty has a real impact on your salon's turnover and, as a small bonus, they are the most inclined to buy your products. Christmas is an opportunity to showcase your products, whether you sell them individually or in a box.

What's more, your loyal customers are your best ambassadors. Positive word-of-mouth is your most efficient and cost-effective means of communication.

Avoid forgotten Christmas appointments thanks to online planning and booking

Forgotten appointments (or no-shows) are a real waste of time and money at Christmas time. Christmas is the time when hair salons refuse the most appointments.

For you, a customer who doesn't show up for an appointment is therefore bound to be a moment of irritation. The good news is that you can do something about it!

Thanks to online planning and online booking, reduce no-shows! How does it work?

  1. The online schedule is associated with an appointment reminder by SMS the day before the appointment. The customer receives an SMS with the name of the fair and the time of the appointment. If the customer is finally unable to attend, he will call you to cancel the appointment.
  2. Theonline booking has the same functionality from above, with a small +: the customer can cancel his appointment by clicking on a link that is in the SMS. This way, you are not disturbed at the lounge (this feature arrives very quickly on Wavy).

Gain new customers through your website and online booking

It is possible that one or more of your hairdressing neighbours will refuse client appointments. This is the perfect opportunity for you to acquire new clients in your salon (if you are not already booked 😉).

Do you have a website and/or online booking? Share the links! Go, go, go on your social networks to reach as many people as possible.

Searches for a hair salon are often local searches (e.g. salon coiffure paris 9).

Give yourself a maximum of chances that they will open the page of your website and/or your online reservation!

What's more, online booking shows your availability, which significantly reduces the number of calls to your salon. You can really focus on your customers and take the time to take care of them without being cut off.

Believe us, the customer experience in your salon is much better.

Increase Christmas Loyalty

Other than prioritizing and pampering your already loyal customers, the Christmas and New Year's Day period is an opportunity to retain your non-loyal customers. Make your hair salon as special as this time of year is!

Decorate your living room like at home

When a customer comes to your salon, he goes through several stages, this is called the customer journey. Throughout their journey, your clients experience many emotions that will determine their opinion of your salon.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to surprise your customers along the way, playing with all 5 senses.

It's not just about putting up tinsel and a Christmas tree. Choose a playlist of suitable music, light candles with cinnamon scents, and why not sell candles in your living room! You can choose a theme to help you with decorating ideas. For example, you can choose a theme to help you get decorating ideas:

  • Nature" theme: put your products on wooden washers, surround your mirrors with fir leaves, etc. Choose brown and green for this theme!

And of course, a Christmas in the snow is always better!  

Christmas window display at Bloomingdale's

Snowy Christmas window

Share photos of your decorated hair salon on social networks. You can even post photos of the "pendant", where you put up the decorations.

Download 8 free visuals on the theme of the festive season

This is an opportunity to boost the number of visitors, sales and increase the turnover of your hairdressing salon or beauty salon through the resale of products or the implementation of special services!  

Communicate now on the Facebook page or the Instagram account of your hair salon or beauty institute by posting pretty visuals in the colors of Christmas!

Download the special holiday kit for the end of the year.

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Offer special Christmas/New Year's Day services

Proposing hairstyles especially for Christmas and New Year's Day brings you 2 main things.

  1. You make your service menu more dynamic by offering new services. This allows you to surprise your customers with beautiful and original hairstyles but also to show them once again your know-how. Don't hesitate to ask if your customers have a special theme on New Year's Day so that their hairstyle reflects their costume.
  2. Your team is also happy to be able to do hair differently, to learn about new hairstyles and thus acquire more knowledge. Change allows a team to renew itself, which generates a dynamic atmosphere!

Beyond the services, you can also sell boxes specially designed for Christmas. These boxes can be intended directly to the customer, or as gifts. There are all kinds of possible combinations for the gift boxes, here are some examples:

  • Box 1 : 1 treatment + 1 product
  • Box 2 : 1 care + 1 product + 1 candle
  • Box 3: 1 care/cutting/brushing package + 1 product + 1 candle

For the 'Wow!' effect, don't neglect the details of the packaging of the box. If you use simple boxes, you can glue small golden stars on the outside, and put confetti or glitter inside. To close your boxes, you can use silk ribbons with a nice bow, or fabric ribbons with wax pads.  

Christmas gift box idea

Christmas gift box idea

Maintain the relationship with your customers

The relationship with your customers must be maintained throughout the year, to strengthen the bond you have built at the salon. Thanks to SMS campaigns, you can wish your customers a happy holiday season!

We advise you to maintain your customer relationship also through social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. Highlight the news you have in your salon, whether it is new services or new products. Your customers are likely to be interested and then come to the salon thanks to your news!

Take care of your team

In order for everything to go well in your hair salon in December, a good understanding and team cohesion is essential.

Plan the working time of your employees

As the manager and manager of your hairdressing salon, you have to define the working days of all employees. If you plan to work nights, Mondays or Sundays, check the availability of your employees, as this is something that is not always appreciated and/or wanted by your employees.

In order to be able to organize your schedule in an optimal way, Stéphanie Bozonnet, Director of the CFA95 school, advises you to ask your employees if they agree to work more than 35 hours a week, well before the holidays.

They must be presented with the advantages, which may be financial or compensatory in rest.

In the hairdressing sector, the increases are +25% between the 36th and 43rd hour, and +50% from the 44th hour (excluding Sundays).

The employee may also pay the premiums by choosing to offset overtime with time off. These rests must be taken within 3 months of the date of the overtime worked (excluding the periods from July 1 to August 31 and December 15 to July 1).

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