How do I add my website to my Facebook page?

Do you have a nice website for your hairdresser or beauty salon? Give it visibility by putting the link of your website on your Facebook page!

Indeed, today's Internet users want to have access to all the information right away. Therefore, it is important to improve the customer experience by making it more fluid, especially by highlighting the right information.

From your Facebook page, your customers can go to your website in one click, take advantage of this feature!

Find out how to put your website link on your Facebook page

Here's a short guide of the steps to follow to add your website link in the info section of your Facebook page.

1/ Go to your Facebook page and click on "See more" in the drop-down menu on the left side of your screen.

Go to your Facebook page, on the left click on see more

2/ After this action, several categories are displayed, the one we are interested in here is the "About" part, click on it.

Click on "About"

3/ To the right of the "About" heading, click on "Edit Page Info".

Then edit page info

4/ A window will appear with several infos, go to the "Website" part. Check that the box "Has a website" is checked, if not, tick it.

Add your website link

5/ Now, paste the link of your website in the box and click on "Save changes".  

If you don't have the link to your lending site, open a new tab on your web browser and go to your site. Once on your site, copy the URL link at the very top (https://........)

Add your website link

6/ Once validated, you will see your website appear in the "Additional contact information" section.

To check if the link is the right one, click on it and you should be redirected to your website.

Your customers can now access your website directly from your Facebook page! To make the customer experience even more fluid, you can now make online reservations directly from your Facebook page.  

Remember, the customer experience begins long before the physical appointment in your salon. Nowadays, the first contacts with your customers are made on social networks, hence the importance of the digital experience!

Written by
Aurélie Pauker
Always attracted by the world of hairdressing and beauty, today I answer the problems you may have.

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