How do I change the name of my Instagram profile for my hair salon?

Instagram is a growing social network with 14 million users and every day a little more!

Instagram is part of the social networks to be privileged to highlight your hairdressing salon and especially your services. Indeed, Instagram relies mainly on photo sharing and therefore the visual is important!

Another important thing: your customers must find you easily!  

To do this, just like the name of your Facebook page, the name of your Instagram account should be simple and match the name of your living room.  

Find out how to change the account name on your Instagram profile

So if not, follow these few steps to update your Instagram name.  

1/ Go to your Instagram profile by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Click on the bottom right

2/ On your profile, then click on "Edit Profile" just below your number of subscribers and subscriptions.

Click on "Edit Profile"

3/ You then arrive on a page that allows you to change several parameters of your profile, including your name, your website and your biography. A quick reminder: in order to make the customer experience on your digital channels more fluid, fill out your profile as much as possible!

You can modify all your information on this page

4/ Fill in the "Name" box with the name of your salon. So that your customers find you as quickly as possible, put the name that is closest to your salon.

Change your name to the name closest to your salon.

5/ Don't forget to click on "Done" to validate your modifications.


There you go, your Instagram name is updated! Now all you have to do is publish some nice pictures of your services to dazzle your future clients.

Did you know that you can now program your Instagram publications?

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