How can you legally play music in your hair salon?

What are the alternatives for not paying for Sacem in your hair salon or beauty salon?

According to a UNEC study, 90% of customers prefer to hear music in hair salons. Having background music plays an important role in the customer experience: less stress, more conviviality, warm atmosphere... However, the broadcasting of music in a public place such as a hairdressing salon is subject to a fee from the Sacem (Société des Auteurs Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique). This cost is in addition to the salon's other expenses. If you wish to broadcast music legally without paying royalties to the Sacem, there are several solutions such as royalty-free music or music in the public domain.

Why pay the Sacem when you play music in your hair salon?

To play music in your hairdressing salon or beauty salon, you must pay the Sacem (Société des Auteurs Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique) every year. This is a private organization that controls and collects the rights of the authors, composers and music publishers who are members. It is in a way the "copyright police". The distribution of music can come from :

  • From CDs
  • From the radio
  • A streaming stream on the Internet (free or paid) (Spotify, Deezer...)
  • Video hosting sites (YouTube, Dailymotion...)
  • Mp3 downloads
How can you legally play music in your hair salon?

The Sacem royalty is distributed to those who have contributed to the creation of musical works and serves as remuneration for copyright. The cost of the royalty varies from 90€ to 390€ per year depending on the number of employees and sound source you have in your hairdressing salon or beauty salon. There is a precise scale that is updated every year. If you are a member of the Union National des Entreprises de Coiffure (UNEC) you can benefit from a 20% discount on the fee from Sacem. You can find the steps to be taken on the Sacem website.

Music Source, for example, is a free platform. All you have to do is pay for Sacem and you'll benefit from music that is streamed continuously, commercial-free and unlimited. Music Source offers 9 radio stations designed for 9 types of universe (Water & massage, beauty & relaxation, nature...) and has a musical repertoire of 10000 ambient, creative and unique music. This online music channel is the perfect complement for a relaxation in a spa or beauty institute.

Royalty-free music: an alternative to Sacem

There are several Internet radio companies that allow you to play music legally in your hairdresser's salon thanks to playlists of royalty-free music. These broadcasting platforms only reference artists and composers who are not registered with Sacem. These include for example :

  • Radio Sparx: this online radio station manages a musical repertoire of 417,000 songs and has 171 playlists with different themes for all businesses. These playlists are updated daily: pop, trendy, jazz, lounge... there's something for every mood. You can also create your own playlist with royalty-free music. So you won't have to pay the Sacem.
  • Web Radio Store: this platform offers a subscription from 2,99€ which allows to broadcast up to 10 playlists of royalty-free music regularly updated. The web radio is accessible via smartphone, tablet and computer.
  • Jamendo: this platform offers playlists with artists and musicians not listed in the Sacem.

Broadcasting classified musical works in the public domain

By broadcasting only old music that has fallen into the public domain, you will save money because you will not pay the Sacem. Music classified in the public domain concerns musical works that are more than 70 years old. It can be classical music, jazz or ancient artists. Broadcasting music in your establishment therefore has a cost. Whether it comes from radio, MP3, CD or Internet streaming, you must pay a royalty to Sacem unless you decide to broadcast playlists where the musical works are free of rights or have fallen into the public domain. Do not hesitate to ask Sacem for information to be in compliance. Platforms dedicated to selling or broadcasting music on the Internet are gaining more and more followers, as managers are starting to realize that they have an option with a lot of features and very profitable. Therefore, choose among the platforms offered by Wavy, above, the one that best suits your image, your needs and that will satisfy you the most in terms of ease of use.

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