Testimony: Jérôme from Coiffeur Kut salon

Discover the testimony of Jérôme, manager of the hairdressing salon COIFFEUR KUT !

As a client of Wavy and manager of two hairdressing salons in Paris, Jérôme's career has been full of twists and turns! After being a boss for 14 years, he decided to return to the studio as a salaried employee and then to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure by opening his own hairdressing salon COIFFEUR KUT. He gives us his advice on his experience as an employee and manager of a hairdressing salon.  

Being the manager of a hairdressing salon and then returning to work as an employee: a career choice that gives priority to your private life.  

Before opening his hair salon, Jérôme did a lot of things! When he was younger, he first worked as a hair salon manager for 14 years, then he decided to return to the studio as a salaried employee to focus on his private life. 'I also wanted to see something else in hairdressing because it's such a varied field that you can do other things. That's why I decided to stop being a boss for 14 years.' When he came back as a salaried employee in the studio he had the advantage of working in many different fields: cinema, fashion and television. It was a very enriching experience both in terms of hairdressing and the people he met. After 14 years in the studio where the pace was very intense, Jérôme decided to settle down and start from scratch again by opening his own hair salon. Being a hairdressing salon manager is obviously as intense as being an employee, but the contact and meeting with clients makes me happier. Wavy is the most intuitive global solution for your hairdressing salon. Manage and communicate more easily. Read more Working on everything administrative is the most complex task when you are a hair salon manager For Jérôme, the most complex tasks as a hair salon manager are administration and accounting because the artistic side is put aside. He usually spends one and a half days a week in his office to handle the administration. He has an accountant to help him but he manages some administrative tasks on his own. I'm too much of a maniac to be managed for me, so it's not possible.

His advice for future salon managers: have a good accountant, a good cashier software and be present on social networks!

Jerome was lucky enough to come across bosses who were very "numerical". This allowed him to be trained with them on financial reporting and accounting. He was very young when he started, only 19 years old. He didn’t know how to run a hair salon. All the advice he was given when he was young serves him today to manage his salon on a daily basis. The figures were very important for the trade fair I was working at and I learned a lot from that experience. His two main pieces of advice when opening a hair salon are to have a good accountant and an good checkout software because it allows you to have accurate financial reports and to better manage your business. For him, the advantage of having a cash register software like Wavy's is that there is no need to take his notebook and write down everything line by line by hand. He also advises being present on social networks and having a website. He says he uses social networks regularly. In fact, his website is always updated with news from the show. He recently opted for online booking with Wavyet and updated the profiles of his hairdressers.

Online booking: an indispensable functionality

Jérôme put online booking on its website since the beginning of the year. He notes that 60% of his customers use it. Most of the time it is about night or morning bookings. For Jérôme, online booking is an essential feature for a hairdressing salon because nowadays everything is booked online. 'Online booking allows us to make appointments when we are not at the show. In addition, we spend less time on the phone, so it's a time saver.He uses the Wavy cash register software since the beginning of January 2018 and is very satisfied with it. Wavy is very easy to use and really has everything you would expect from a cash register software for managing your hairdressing salon. Wavy is the most intuitive global solution for your hairdressing salon. Manage and communicate more easily. Read more Mother's Day is Sunday 27 May! Download our free visuals for your Facebook posts!

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