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Owners of hair salons and beauty salons around the world are constantly changing the way they interact with their customers, employees, suppliers, etc. This is due to a variety of tactical changes such as the implementation of contactless and online payments, the establishment of strict health protocols, "going digital", and more.

To help you improve your entrepreneurial skills and find new strategies for your small business, we invite you to join KoudeCizo by Wavy. Our online business platform, 100% free of charge, gives you access to six learning tracks in the form of videos, practical sheets and white papers, written and directed by our experts to provide you with the best possible information :

BUSINESS: Create value and earn money

As a member of KoudeCizo, you discover a basic program that helps you become a good salon manager. Our platform provides you with all the essential information you need to lead your salon or beauty salon to success.

Here are some examples of content you can find in the Business section.

The art of negotiation 

Negotiation is part of everyday life, but in business, it is absolutely essential to your success. If you're looking to build a successful hair salon or beauty salon, you'll need negotiation skills.

hair salon negotiation

Chances are you will end up negotiating with a new customer, employee, or supplier.

To do this properly, you will need a strong set of negotiation skills.

But the simple fact is that most of us don't have these skills naturally. In this category you will discover the art of negotiation and all the techniques that create value.

Hygiene standards and rules

Regardless of the type of business, the law stipulates that every workplace must be a completely hygienic environment. This is extremely important in an establishment such as a hairdressing salon or beauty salon, which, in addition to the Covid-19 health crisis, sees as many different people every day.

With all this in mind, as a salon owner, it is imperative that excellent salon hygiene and good housekeeping within your establishment are at the forefront of your mind.

Discover here the standards and hygiene rules for your hairdressing salon

hygiene and hairdressing

Your behaviour when dealing with different types of customers

In business, being able to quickly get a sense of who you're dealing with is an invaluable skill. Having insight into how your client will be managed turns your meeting with a client into an opportunity. It is one of the building blocks of a professional relationship.

In the Business category of KoudeCizo by Wavy, you will find advice and behaviour to adopt when dealing with an undecided customer, a risky customer and a routine customer.

Opening a hair salon

If you are planning to open a hair salon, KoudeCizo will give you, through a white paper, the details you need to get started. In addition, a video is available on the platform that allows you to discover the important criteria to choose the location of your salon.

Communication: attracting and retaining customers 

Koudecizo helps you manage your communication and provides you with various comprehensive guides to corporate communication, covering all the questions you might have about developing your own salon communication.

The deconfinement recovery guide 

Don't worry, you're not alone! KoudeCizo by Wavy has created for you a complete guide for a successful recovery. Our guide covers planning, personnel management, hygiene protocols, social distancing strategies and more. We know that there is still a tough battle ahead of you, but you are stronger than you think. And with the right tools and a solid plan, you can stand up and come back stronger than ever.

The 2020 kits for your Facebook and Instagram accounts

Every 2 months, you can download Facebook and Instagram Communication Kits that KoudeCizo by Wavy designs for you for the different events of the year.

Discover here the 2020 kits for your Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Communicate on social networks

Implementing a social networking strategy allows you to achieve your business goals. These different practical sheets and videos will help you win and retain customers through social networks:

social networks hairdressing salon

Accounting: understanding the basics of accounting

Our free expert guide to hair salons, beauty salons and barbershops is available to KoudeCizo members. It includes detailed information on certain accounting concepts.

Even if the best solution for salon accounting remains management software like Wavy that helps you automate routine tasks, improve productivity and inspect every detail of your establishment, it is still important to understand the basics of accounting.

Legal: the keys to success 

When your business dreams go from idea to reality, you are suddenly faced with laws and regulations governing almost every move you make. Learn how to stay compliant and protect your salon. 

In this category, KoudeCizo gives you the keys to tackle legal topics in the best possible way.

Our experts will write practical information sheets for you to help you choose the form of company best suited to your needs, to differentiate between the different types of rentals, to find out all about NF525, etc.


Marketing: Acquiring marketing expertise

You may know how to provide excellent service in your hair salon or beauty salon, but do you know how to promote your establishment? Without marketing, your expertise won't help you keep your salon afloat. And no one will even know that your establishment exists.  

If customers don't know about your salon, you won't make any sales.

To effectively market your services, there are many affordable and even free ways to do so. 

In the marketing category of the free KoudeCizo platform, we implement the essential marketing resources for a profitable strategy. 

The customer experience at the salon

When you work in a salon, your biggest challenge is to create a lifetime customer. It's no longer just about satisfying your customers' needs. In order to keep them coming back, you need to find new and innovative ways to really "wow" them and add value to their "customer experience".

Discover here the customer experience in a salon with its 3 steps: "before", "during" and "after" as well as our best advice to add value to the salon experience.

customer experience hairdresser

Sensory marketing in a hair salon 

Sensory marketing is a technique used to reach your customers' senses and influence their behaviour, through a multi-sensory atmosphere and the environment of your salon.

As we know, the five senses are sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Sensory marketing is simply about gaining a customer's trust and attention by using one or more of these five senses.

You can acquire expertise in sensory marketing by discovering on our 100% free platform, how to appeal to your customers' five senses, creating a pleasant atmosphere in your living room and an attractive showcase!

Pricing strategy 

Make sure you understand the numbers before you decide how to bill your customers. This will ensure your career as a hairdresser will bring you all the rewards you are looking for!

Find out here how to set up the right tariff.

Generate traffic on search engines 

The fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can give you the boost you need to increase your online presence. In this KoudeCizo video you will find simplified explanations about SEO and the main principles of how Google works.

Human Resources: build loyalty and capitalize on your team 

In an increasingly competitive and fast-changing world, the HR function is a vital component of every establishment.

In this category of our KoudeCizo platform, we reveal all the secrets that allow you to successfully manage a team.

Calculate the salary of your employees 

The hairdressing sector is dominated by many rules, especially regarding wages. Many salon managers find it difficult to define an employee's salary

We then explore in this fact sheet all the laws concerning wages in the hairdressing sector. 

This will give you a good indication of how to pay them.

hairdresser's salary

Motivate your employees

In any establishment, there are days when employees or even managers will not feel motivated.

If you want to know how to motivate your employees and achieve positive engagement, you need to make them feel passionate about going to work every day and want to spend time with you and their colleagues.

Motivating your employees is no longer a challenge. Click here to access the video that will help you foster a motivated team.

Don't forget! Continuous learning is the best way to stay ahead of your competitors. KoudeCizo by Wavy ensures this learning and offers you all the means to succeed by teaching best practices.  

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