Hairstyle trends 2023: deciphering!

The year 2023 will be under the sign of the "Y2K" (Year 2K = Year 2000) trend, whose beginnings were already visible in 2022. This time, it is completely assumed: the 2000s are back! 


  1. The short bob
Photo credit: @hairstationbaiamare

A short chin-length bob, cut straight and clean. To be styled with waves or very smooth!

How to reproduce it?

  1. The butterfly haircut
Photo credit: @quecolour

Perfectly in the trend of the 90s/2000s, the V-gradient is back with a lot of volume and a fringe in big strands, chin length.

How to reproduce it?

  1. The shag hair
Photo credit: @coiffeurstory

Still in fashion in 2023! Less "mullet", with a softer gradient in the style of the 70s. A mixed cut, fluid and in the air of time!

How to reproduce it?

  1. Octopus hair
Photo credit: @mulletbabyy

This is the shag version. Short on the face, the gradient is very pronounced on the length.

How to reproduce it?

  1. The curtain fringe
Photo credit: @jennaortega

And yes, we will still ask you for "curtain" bangs in 2023! It is preferred with a length in the middle of the face, at the level of the cheekbones.

How to reproduce it?

  1. The preppy cut (men's cut)
Photo credit: @isaachudson

The "preppy" aesthetic is perfectly illustrated by this long haircut on top of the head and shorter at the nape of the neck and around the edges.

How to reproduce it?

  1. Long hair (men's cut)
Photo credit: @isaachudson

Much seen during Fashion Week, the off-the-shoulder cut is very trendy for the male clientele. 

How to reproduce it?


  1. The blonde Barbie
Photo credit: @linda.sza

A trend inspired by the Barbie movie that comes out in July 2023! We're already seeing the return of the California blonde, uniform with warm highlights.

How to reproduce it?

  1. Candy pink coloring
Photo credit: @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

We opt for a very pastel pink with a doll side, childish. A color to escape from everyday life and dream of a fantasy character.

How to reproduce it?

  1. The glossy hair
Photo credit: @quecolour

Clients are increasingly looking for ultra shiny hair with a very healthy, photogenic and Instagrammable look.

How to reproduce it?


  1. The wet hair
Photo credit: @zendaya

Adored on the catwalk, this hairstyle is also increasingly popular on the red carpet. The wet effect can be concentrated on the top of the head or on the whole length.

How to reproduce it?

  1. The side parting
Photo credit: @shaymitchell

Very popular on a long bob or shoulder length.

How to reproduce it?

  1. The wise style
Photo credit: @rosiehw

Out of the hairstyle trend, in 2023 the hair is well disciplined, pulled with a high or low ponytail, low bun. Accessorize with a headband or bow in the hair!

How to reproduce it?

  1. Multi-braids
Photo credit: @gigihadid

In the continuity of the Y2K trend, the small braids on the side, the double braids and the multi-braids make their return and will be the hairstyles of the summer!

How to reproduce it?

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