Read and understand the statistics of his hairdressing salon

As a business owner and manager of a hairdressing salon or beauty institute, it is vital that you evaluate the figures of your establishment to know its health.

Whether you have cash register software, or you are always on paper, you should look at your numbers at least weekly to anticipate what steps to take to increase your numbers if you feel they are too low.

In what follows, we give you indications on the figures that need to be collected, that you need to analyze, and on the actions to be implemented if they do not meet your expectations.

What data should I analyze for my hair salon?

In your hairdressing salon or beauty salon, you mainly have 2 sources of income: your services and your resale products.

Furthermore, you are either alone in your establishment, in which case all the income from the show is yours alone. Or there are several of you, in which case it is important to calculate the income per employee.

Si vous disposez d’un logiciel de caisse, les statistiques sont automatiquement calculées puisque votre logiciel calcule toutes les entrées et sorties que vous avez effectuées dans votre caisse. Si vous n’avez pas logiciel de caisse, il est très important (et c’est obligatoire par la loi), que vous détenez un journal de caisse. Voici les chiffres que vous donne le logiciel de caisse Wavy, et si vous êtes sur papier, nous vous conseillons vivement de suivre les mêmes mesures :

  • The total turnover in the day, week, month, year
  • Turnover per employee per day, week, month, year
  • Turnover by specialty (technical, cutting, aesthetics, nail work, etc.)
  • Breakdown of turnover into services and products

You can cross-reference the data and calculate the sales per employee on services, sales per employee on resale products, and so on. The average record for contacts :

  • Woman of the customer file
  • Customer file manager
  • Unspecified type of customer file
  • The average record for visiting customers
  • The general average sheet

All sales amounts are given in the currency you collect, as well as in percentages. It is also necessary for you to provide the means of payment used by your customers.

How do I analyze my data?

Just having the numbers from his hair salon isn't enough. Once all the data is collected, you need to know how to analyze it in order to make the right decisions, such as those concerning the management of your team for example.

Define the health of your hairdressing salon with the help of your accountant.

First of all, by looking at the overall turnover of your hair salon or beauty institute, you can define the general health of your establishment, then analyse your figures in more detail.

Should you be alarmed, or on the contrary, are you fully satisfied with your team and your numbers?

Thanks to all the data you have, you can find out which services work best in your salon, which products are the best sellers and which employee makes the most turnover.

In any case, in order to be able to really calculate the health of your establishment, it is necessary that you approach your accountant so that he can deduct from your turnover all your expenses and calculate your profit. The charges of your hairdressing salon are :

  • the purchase of your raw materials (bin care, colouring, etc.)
  • wages and social security contributions
  • running costs (water, electricity, magazines, cash register software, etc.)
  • loan repayments, depreciation, amortization, taxes and miscellaneous taxes

Share your statistics with your collaborators

It is important for your employees to know about the health of the exhibition, as well as their own turnover. Your employees are an integral part of your company, so that they can give 100% of themselves to their work, involve them in your company.  

Every week, every two weeks or once a month, get together with your employees and discuss their numbers. Why is one down when they usually do good numbers? Why is another having trouble selling products? Your employees need to feel and know that you, their manager, want to understand why they are struggling with certain tasks.

Define the actions to be put in place for better results

Thanks to the various figures and ratios, you can easily determine which employee needs to be pushed further and which employee deserves to be rewarded. The collective bargaining agreement for the hairdressing industry has set up a bonus system, which is detailed in the article Calculating a hairdresser's salary, is it good or badly paid? and which you must respect if one of your employees achieves the minimum necessary turnover.

In any case, as an Entrepreneur, try to motivate your teams at the right time!  

If one of your employees is "bad" at reselling products and another employee is good at reselling products, organise small internal training courses so that the qualities of one employee become the qualities of another.

Et petit bonus Wavy, on a fait un webinar concernant ce sujet (une vidéo live) juste pour vous ! Découvrez les 7 astuces d’Augustin pour vendre vos produits de revente. Vous pouvez aussi mettre en place des challenges pour booster votre équipe et vos ventes.

To make a challenge, you set goals. These objectives can be a financial threshold or a quantity of services or products to be achieved.

Your team must take this challenge as a fun competition and not as a punishment. It is a source of motivation that is done in a joyful and good mood, otherwise stress is guaranteed and the challenge fails.

For even greater motivation, announce from the outset what employees gain by completing the challenge.

Usually, the reward is a bonus, but the choice is yours!  

What's more, if an A product sells more easily and quickly than others, don't hesitate to highlight it in your living room. On the contrary, if you have difficulty selling a product B, you can put it away. For example, if you have difficulty selling a product B, you can put it away:

  • 1 product A + 1 product B at -20%.
  • 1 product A + 1 product C + 1 product B at -30%.
  • 1 shampoo/cutting/brushing package + 1 B product at -10%.

Of course, it is necessary that your customers are informed of your discount. Feel free to let them know directly at the fair, on your social networks and via SMS/email campaigns.

How does my cash register software make it easier for me to analyse my hair salon?

When you use your POS software on a daily basis, all the data is entered for each cashout you make in your living room.

Your cash register software is set up so that it recognizes which service is in which category (specialty).

For example, when your client does a permanent perm, it is set up in the software that it is technical, and in your analyses, the cumulative turnover on any perm will appear in the technical turnover.  

In the same way, you no longer have to calculate what you sold during the day, week, month, or year, it's done for you!

The time you spend on your calculator no longer exists, you can easily save up to 2 hours of work per week.

Not only does the software provide you with the revenues in monetary terms, but it also provides you with them in percentage. In this way, you can see the ratios and more easily define what has sold the most or least for a time T.

The cash register software does everything for you! The amounts and percentages are given to you directly, without you having to do anything, nothing to calculate and no manipulation to do in the cash register.

To ensure the success of your hair salon or beauty salon, you will not escape the analysis of its statistics! It is essential that you calculate them correctly - if you are on paper - and that you understand them in order to guide your employees and put the right actions in place.

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Aurélie Pauker
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