Our day with the brand Kadus Professional!

In December, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Kadus Professional team to open the hair salon at Wavy Store !

This private space, which is located within our office at Treatwell (with whom we merged earlier this year), is entirely dedicated to hair and beauty. It was designed to allow our team to create content specifically for professionals, and to put Wavy Store products into action.

The Salon Wavy by Treatwell

During this day, we tested for you the Kadus Professional hair colors by performing 3 services on models before meeting for a brand webinar with the team Wavy Store and Kadus.

About Kadus Professional:

The brand, which is part of the Wella Professional portfolio, is perfectly suited to the needs of independent and home hairdressers: smart, creative, accessible and easy-to-use products designed to save you time.

In constant search of innovation, the ranges are regularly expanded and the packaging redesigned to meet the demand for eco-responsibility.

Learn about the Kadus brand innovation plan for 2022:

A year full of innovations!

The services provided :

Our experts have chosen to represent the families of colors that are the most popular in hair salons today: blondes, browns and intense colors, with different lengths and textures, in order to verify the grip on the hair and the accuracy of the highlights, as well as the cosmeticity and intensity of the color.

"After these applications, I am very excited by the result, it is exact, fluid, professional and the hair fiber is respected. The intensity of the copper is particularly satisfying" - Tristan, expert hairdresser Wavy Store

Model n°1 : Blonde with Zoé

Diagnosis : Fine and natural hair : Natural base 6/0

Realization : Natural sweeping

  • Blondor Plex powder at 30vol in scanning (+ Plex protocol)
  • Shinefinity root 08/30 mid-lengths and tips 1/4 9/36 + 1/4 9/13 + 1/2 Crystal Clear 00/00

Break time : 20 min

Before / After

Model n°2 : Brunette with Charlotte

Diagnosis : Fine and natural hair / Natural base 5/0

Realization: polychrome of chestnuts in semi-permanent coloring

  • Formula 1: 3/4 4/71 + 1/4 5/71 + 6VOL emulsion
  • Formula 2: 1/2 5/71 + 1/2 5/37 + 6VOL emulsion

Break time : 20 min

Before / After

Model n°3 : Cuivré with Océane

Diagnosis : Medium hair, bleached and recolored / Natural base 4/0

Realization : monochrome copper with a root depth in permanent coloring

  • Formula 1 regrowth : 7/4 + emulsion 20VOL
  • Formula 2 Half-lengths : 8/34 + emulsion 20VOL

Break time : 40 min

Before / After

The technical nature of Kadus Professional permanent hair coloring can be summarized as follows:

  • Covers 100% of white hair

✓ Dark

✓ Tone-on-tone coloring

✓ Lighten by 3 to 5 shades (special blonde).

  • Extra Rich Cream Formula

✓ Formula enriched with triglycerides, waxes and lanolin derivatives
✓ High hair protection, exceptional shine, soft hair full of vitality

  • Micro Reds technology

Watch the full webinar Wavy Store x Kadus Professional :

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Kadus products are available on Wavy Store , discover them now!

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