New Wavy 2019 products: a year full of colours

2019 is the 3 years of Wavy, it's more than 3,000 customers, it's more than 50 employees, it's being present in 10 countries, it's the development of KoudeCizo, the new platform for the entrepreneur in you... And it's full of other great things to discover in this article!

All new products at Wavy for 2019

This year, we have once again worked hard to satisfy our customers as much as possible. As you read on, you'll (re)find the biggest news for 2019 at Wavy! As a reminder, Wavy is the management and communication solution for your hair salon and beauty salon:

  • You manage it thanks to our application, available on smartphone (iOS and Androïd), on tablet and on computer.
  • Communication, we take care of it for you! You give us the information, which we transform into real customer loyalty and acquisition levers.

Integrations on the Wavy application

Lydia, the mobile payment application

Lydia is the mobile payment application, which was first designed to make it easier to pay back money between friends. Their proposal is as simple as that: you register on the platform, and you save your payment card data. To make refunds to your friends, Lydia then withdraws the money directly from your bank account. And all of this only through mobile phone numbers.  

After developing this functionality and experiencing its growing success, Lydia was able to expand its services to merchants. In your hair salon or beauty salon, you can now cash in your customers with Lydia. In the Wavy application, you activate your Lydia account by entering your login and password. And for payment, you only have to scan the QR code of your customer's Lydia account. And that's it!  

To learn more about a Lydia Pro account, go to Lydia's website, the App Store or the Play Store :)

Lydia Pro

Integration with SumUp Air

The SumUp Air payment terminal, you've probably seen it before. It's the (very) small white box, created with capacitive glass that reproduces the same feeling as a touch screen. Like any other terminal, your customer only has to enter their PIN code, or touch the terminal with their contactless card. SumUp accepts all payment cards: Visa, VPay, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express, as well as mobile payments with Apple Pay and Android Pay.  

For more information on SumUp, read our article Wavy integrates SumUp into its application!

Integration with Treatwell and Balinéa

If you are present on platforms such as Treatwell and Balinéa, it can be difficult to juggle 2 or even 3 schedules. To make it easier to synchronise them, Wavy has partnered with these 2 online booking platforms so that your Wavy schedule can be instantly duplicated on both applications. Unfortunately, the synchronisation of schedules only works in one direction, i.e. bookings made on Treatwell and Balinéa are not automatically added to the Wavy agenda.

Changes in the Communication Wavy offer

Improved websites

The websites, which we create and customize especially for your hair salon or beauty institute, have had the same design since the creation of Wavy! But our developers had done their job so well the first time around, that the changes made to them were not so significant. We modified the service map and the photo gallery and optimized them for a better customer (hairdresser) experience.

Click here to discover the Wavy website!

The optimization of online booking

Your customers can not only make an appointment onlinebut now they can also cancel their appointments. This meets 2 specific needs in your business:

  • No-shows (a customer absent at the appointment without warning)
  • The phone ringing while you're busy with a client

Wavy notifies you both when a customer makes an appointment online and when he cancels his appointment.

The possibility to train with Wavy every day of the week!

With Wavy, training is every day! The customer service team presents you with the application and the back-office (the back office of the application) every working day of the week. You only have to choose the day that suits you best, and if you unfortunately couldn't attend the training, don't worry... The replay is sent to you directly by email :) And yes, you can train as many times as you want !

KoudeCizo, the new platform to help exhibition managers grow

KoudeCizo by Wavy's ambition is to become the reference business platform for all the entrepreneurial souls in hairdressers and beauticians! Aware that current training courses limit the apprenticeship to open a salon and that there are always questions throughout your life as an entrepreneur, we have decided to tackle all subjects except hairdressing and beauty.

On KoudeCizo, you will find topics such as Communication, Accounting, Sales, Legal, etc., for access to all your questions on a single platform. Since its creation, Wavy has been committed to supporting hair salon and beauty institute managers in their careers as hairdressers, beauticians and entrepreneurs. Our application is developed by and for these professions, and we are always listening VERY attentively to our customers!

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