Why is Wella's Shinefinity a real revolution?

Beauty standards are changing every year. The current trend is towards natural, shiny and above all healthy hair. Your customers want products with clean formulas that respect their health and the planet! However, there is no question of making concessions on the hold of the colour. The ideal for your customers is to benefit from a product with a healthy formula while having the guarantee of a long-lasting colour. And that's exactly what Shinefinity, Wella's new nugget, promises!

A long-lasting varnish effect that does not damage the hair fibre

Shinefinity respects the natural structure of the hair, preserving the hair's natural base. There is no lightening of the base, which offers an ultra-natural result and a healthy, non-artificial shine. However, the colour result depends on the natural colour: the lighter the hair, the more intense the shine.

This tone-on-tone colouring without ammonia with very low oxidation does not lighten the hair. It allows you to colour in the same tones, or to darken up to 3 tones.

Shinefinity Hair Polish is suitable for all hair types: natural, lightened or bleached.

The natural hair is metarporphosed and given a glossy coloured veil of shine.

Hair that has been lightened by balayage or highlights will have a light effect, without any lightening of the base. For coloured hair, Shinefinity will neutralise unwanted highlights and re-pigment the entire head of hair or just the lengths and ends, depending on your client's wishes.

A new formula that is good for hair and the planet

Shinefinity is a long-lasting formula with zero fading and zero damage. 

Indeed, this hair colour is composed of 0% ammonia, direct pigment, silicone, alcohol and ingredients of animal origin. It is a product that respects the hair but also the planet! Its packaging is made of 85% recycled cardboard and its tube is 100% recycled aluminium.

This healthy formula delivers gorgeous, even results, even on porous hair. Wella Professionals Shinefinity promises long-lasting, glossy colour results for up to 6 weeks. 

Written by
Aurélie Pauker
Always attracted by the world of hairdressing and beauty, today I answer the problems you may have.

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