How can Wavy make you earn 20% more on top of your turnover?

80% of our clients have seen an increase in turnover since they have been working with Wavy, in this article we explain how and why!  

Find out how Wavy cash register software can help you increase your turnover

Numerous features created to save you time and allow you to style more

The Wavy checkout software was designed by and for beauty professionals. In addition to being intuitive and very easy to use, several of our functionalities have been specially created to save you time. Indeed, we know your business and we know that time is a rare commodity ;)

Online booking

1 appointment out of 3 is taken outside the show's opening hours and 49% of appointments are taken online in the shows that offer it.  

In addition to allowing you to acquire new customers and increase your online visibility, online booking would allow you to save up to 22 hours a year! And many cuts, brushings and colourings without being interrupted by the phone!  

The customer experience is optimized since you are no longer constantly interrupted by the phone.

Automatic accounting export

No more handwritten cash journal transferred to your accountant... With Wavy, simply enter the email addresses of the people to whom you want to send your accounting export in your settings, then choose the date. That's it, each month the export will be sent automatically... No more hours spent doing your accounts, your cash management software takes care of it all by itself!

Closing the cash register in 5 seconds

Does your cash balance match the amounts shown? All right, just press "Close Cashier" and you can go enjoy Happy Hour!

Your products scanned directly from your laptop

No more need to move your products to your checkout to scan them with a hand shower or worse... check them in by hand!  

Simply take your phone and go to the application storage space, then scan your products directly from the phone's camera that we've turned into a showerhead! Making your inventory will no longer be an ordeal and its time will be divided by at least half!

Your communication much simpler

We take care of your communication: personalized website, Facebook posts on your page... Don't worry about it anymore! Communicating at your trade show allows you to retain your customers... and attract new ones! In other words, it can pay off, but we know that you may not have the time. That's why Wavy includes an offer to help you with your trade show communication and help you attract and retain your customers.  

In this offer, we include the creation of your own website! This is personalised to your image and we can link the online booking to it, if you wish and on the services you choose. The online booking is synchronized with your cash register software, i.e. when a person makes an appointment online in your lounge, your agenda is automatically filled with the person's details!

On top of that, Mehdi takes care of animating your Facebook page once a week with posts around different themes: trend, quote, did you know, etc... By publishing on your Facebook page, you develop your sympathy capital with your customers and make them more loyal!

Our team will also accompany you on SMS and e-mail campaigns to boost the activity of your exhibition. Did you know that more than 90% of SMS messages are read only a few minutes after they are sent? Do you want your customers who have been away for 3 months to come back? Nothing like an SMS campaign! The return on investment will leave you speechless ;)

Thanks to the Wavy customer database, increase the resale of products and build customer loyalty.

Your customer file is a gold mine: exploit it!  

Use it to keep your customers waiting

A new customer comes into your salon and has to wait a few minutes before shampooing? No problem! You can lend him your tablet, your phone where your Wavy software is, so that he can enter his information himself, he won't see the time go by! If you want to make your customers wait in an original way, we suggest you read our article on this subject!

What's more, Wavy makes the press available to your customers! At each appointment made, your client will receive a reminder e-mail containing a link to the press (people and news). While waiting in the lounge, they can settle down and click on the link to read the press in peace and quiet ;)

Fill in your customer file throughout the service!

It seems obvious, but during all your services, remember to fill in your customer files with the technical elements of your services. You can do this from your mobile phone, because yes, Wavy is available on all media! You can even take a photo of your client before and at the end of his or her service, directly from your client's file!

This allows you to have a history of the services performed.

Leverage your customer file to make it come back more often and sell more!

The Wavy customer file will tell you whether your customer is a "loyal customer", a "defidelized customer" or a "new customer", so you can adapt your speech and target it during e-mail or SMS campaigns!  

Also take advantage of his purchase history to ask his opinion on the last product he bought. Did he like it? Does he want to buy it back? If he didn't like it, advise him on a product that will be more suitable!

In this way, you personalize your customer experience and increase your resale rate! Your customer file is a precious tool to provide an incredible experience to your customers and will help you build customer loyalty.

Better management thanks to the dashboard

The "Statistics" part of our software is your main support in decision making! The statistics inform you about the "general health" of your hairdressing salon but also about the most performing collaborator, the composition of your clientele, your product resale rate, your best-selling product, etc.

Our smart and simple dashboard shows you by default the most relevant and important data and statistics for your salon!

Thanks to the filters, you can obtain more advanced data yourself. All this information allows you to adapt your management and better manage your stocks. In addition, your accountant will also have access to this information and will be able to advise you in the management of your salon! Increase your turnover by better understanding your statistics!

P.S.: accountants love the Wavy cash register software for its high quality export, which makes their lives easier. Wavy accounting export is a force in your negotiations on the price of your accountant's services! If you would like to learn more about negotiation, watch Augustin's video on The Art of Negotiation.

Want to make managing your salon easier? Increase your turnover?

Don't hesitate any longer, we have the solution! Contact us without further delay :)

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