Your Facebook and Instagram special Back to School 2019 at the Hair Salon publications

To help you manage your social networks Facebook and Instagram for your hair salon, we have created publications especially for you for the back-to-school season!

Download free Facebook and Instagram publications for your hair salon

If you don't come to your living room before the holidays to get dressed up, your customers also like to come to your home just before going back to work or before their children go back to school. Our publications deal with different themes, discover them :)

Who are we?

Wavy is much more than a cash register software! Our management and communication solution has been specially designed for your hair salon or beauty salon. Since the beginning of the adventure, we have taken into account all your feedback, professionals who use the application every day.

Today, Wavy X allows you to build customer loyalty, organise your week with a collaborative diary, and save an hour and a half in accounting time thanks to our export service sent directly to your accountant... And that's not all! Contact us free of charge to find out more ;)

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Aurélie Pauker
Toujours attirée par le monde de la coiffure et de la beauté, je réponds aujourd'hui aux problématiques que vous pouvez avoir.‍

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