A few figures on the Wavy online booking in 2019 for your hairdressing salon

At the beginning of 2019, Wavy had recorded the results of online bookings by its customers, hair salon and beauty salon managers, for the last half of 2018. Already at the time of this analysis, online booking proved to be a success. After a growing awareness and the realisation of the importance of digital by more and more salon managers, online booking, among others, has experienced a quantum leap.

Online booking for hair salons in 2019

At Wavy, we like numbers. They make it possible to quantify and thus compare results from one year to the next. They allow us to see how Wavy is progressing, but also how you are progressing. And Wavy can only move forward if its customers do the same! 2019 has produced phenomenal results. Wavy's customer base has grown, so the results are more important. Online booking rates have exploded through the roof, and the year 2020 looks more than promising.

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In order to present Wavy in figures, we have first of all gathered the general data concerning hairdressers in hair salons. Then we created, as we did last year, a computer graphic with everything there is to know about online booking.

Online booking Wavy 1
Online booking Wavy 2
Online booking Wavy 3

Who's Wavy?

Did you know that Wavy is a checkout software designed for your hair salon or beauty institute? Made by hairdressers, for hairdressers, it accompanies you in the development of your business. Build customer loyalty, intuitive management of your diary, automatic accounting export... Contact us free of charge to find out more ;)

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