Which social networks should I use for my hair salon?

According to a Médiamétrie study, 1h17min is the time that the French spend on average each day on social networks. These networks were originally mainly used for private use, but understanding their potential, companies very quickly took these tools and integrated them into their communication channels.  

And for good reason, the time spent on our screens is increasing every year, which is why it is nowadays essential that your hairdressing salon modernises and uses these digital tools!  

Here is a graph showing the number of users per month on each network and the proportion of men and women.

Using Facebook and Instagram

You can see it, the numbers are very important. Every month, half of the French population uses Facebook, without forgetting the users who use it on a daily basis, or even several times a day.

Being present on social networks means having an interface dedicated to your hairdressing salon or beauty salon, which is permanently accessible and gives you visibility 24 hours a day. Today's Internet users want to have all the information at their disposal in 1 or 2 clicks, they don't like to search and that's why all your information must be available and easily found.

As a digital enthusiast, Wavy has concocted for you a panel of social networks that we consider interesting to use to develop the activity of your hair salon or beauty salon.

The social networks to choose for my hair salon or beauty salon.

We have already explained how to advertise your hair salon or beauty salon in the digital age, but each social network has its own specificities and must be used in different ways.

In this article, we will introduce you in more detail to three social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business, and explain why and how to exploit these platforms.

How do I promote my hair salon on my Facebook page?

Wavy has given you 10 good reasons to create a Facebook page for your hair salon or beauty salon, and here's a sentence to convince you:

According to the Moderator's Blog, every month 33 million people connect to Facebook!

Reflect your image and know-how on your hair salon's Facebook page

A Facebook page can be customized to your taste and has features that you absolutely must use. Imagine your Facebook page as a digital showcase of your living room, your website being the digital showcase of your living room. The Internet user who visits your page via the Facebook interface must still feel and understand the identity of your hair salon or beauty salon.  

If you don't yet have a Facebook page and you don't know what it is, you are strongly encouraged to take action. Wavy has put a video online for you that explains how Facebook works and shows you how to use it.  

The first step and the first function of your Facebook page is to give information about your hair salon or beauty salon to the internet users. To do this, you need to include important information such as your address, opening hours and contact details.  

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, use this page to assert your identity and show your customers your know-how.

How? It's through your profile picture and your cover picture. If you have a logo, put it in profile! For your cover photo, choose the most beautiful photos of your living room and use them!  

You can even hire a professional photographer, having beautiful professional photos on your Facebook page is a real advantage for your image.

Build customer loyalty by creating engagement on your Facebook page

Facebook is also a place for exchange and communication, it's an opportunity for you to establish a link with your customers, and thus increase their loyalty! There are many ways to keep in touch with your customers.

The contact gets stronger thanks to the animation you make on your Facebook page. The publications on your page allow you to create commitment.

What is Facebook engagement?

It's simply the number of people who will interact or react to your post by liking, commenting and/or sharing, compared to the number of people who will see your post (also called the Facebook reach).  

In the diagram below, you have an idea of the average commitment rate according to the type of post. You will notice that the most engaging posts are those with a photo, video, or status/survey. What's more, Facebook favors this type of post, which means it's more likely to appear on the news feed of people who follow your page!

the rate of

If you're a little short of inspiration, don't forget that Wavy has explained how to make Facebook posts that work and has put together 6 tips for you to liven up your Facebook page.

At Wavy, we create and publish one post per week on your Facebook page for you!

Your Facebook page is then fed at least once a week, which improves its referencing.

But what is SEO? It is the rank of your website and Facebook page in search results when a web user types the name of your salon in the bar of a search engine.  

The better you are referenced, the better your visibility will be with your potential customers. Facebook pages are very often referenced among the first when looking for a business if they are regularly animated.

The Wavy +: each publication on your Facebook page is automatically displayed on your Wavy website. Your website then improves its referencing since Google "likes" it when a site is updated.

Reviews on your Facebook page: digital word of mouth

Your customers have the opportunity to create word-of-mouth that can reach many more people than just their friends and family. If they wish, they can express their lounge experience on your Facebook page.  

Opinions are left in the form of recommendations, where they can write the text they want and also put stars out of 5, 5/5 being the best rating.

These notices are important for people who don't know you, or are still hesitant to visit your living room. It's a way to reassure them and encourage them to come to your home! When you perform a service on a satisfied customer, invite them to put a notice on your Facebook page, it will also be automatically published on your website. Once again, this activity improves the referencing of your website and therefore, your visibility!

Facebook is not the only social network you can use for the image and notoriety of your hair salon or beauty salon. Instagram, which belongs to Facebook, is an increasingly coveted platform for salons.

How do I showcase my salon on my Instagram account?

instragram, unlike Facebook, is a social network totally focused on sharing photos and videos and the quality of the latter. Indeed, it is impossible to publish something without accompanying the publication of a photo or a video since this is the central element of Instagram. Used for professional or private purposes, Instagram also has the "stories" feature that allows you to share a photo or video live for a period of 24 hours.

Instagram in a few figures

Instagram has 14 million active monthly users in France, i.e. 22% of the population, 54% of users are women, 46% are men. This network is growing in popularity, a French person connects to Instagram up to 10 times a day!

The uses of

Increase your visibility with Instagram tags and mentions

Instagram is the occasional platform for you to showcase your hairstyles and technical services performed on your clients. On the other hand, your satisfied customers publish and share their beauty and new hairstyles, the moments spent in your salon and some even tag and mention your salon.  

Tags and mentions allow Instagram users to visit your account. It is necessary that you fill in all the information related to your trade show on the platform to optimize your chances to get followers and also to get new customers.

Create engagement with Instagram stories

As mentioned earlier in the article, Instagram stories allow you to ephemerally publish a "story" and capture a nice moment that you want to share in your living room. Stories are becoming more and more successful and increase your customers' engagement rate. Directly from the video or photo story, you can add questions or surveys that your customers can answer in one click!

Examples of survey stories
Examples of survey stories

On the same principle as posts, your customers can tag the salon in their stories, for example on a video taken while they are getting their hair done.

You also have the possibility to make 'Headline' stories, i.e. stories that you save and that will appear permanently on your Instagram profile. As you can see below "Testimonials", "News" and #wavyfamily below :

Feature stories

The 'Headlines' stories are divided into different themes, take advantage of these stories to highlight your speciality, your collaborators and/or your best achievements. Let's imagine that ombré hair is your speciality, make a story about it, showing how you do it and add pictures of your best renderings. It is a very effective weapon to attract the customer.

Select Instagram hashtags to improve your brand awareness

On Instagram, the visibility of your profile and posts will depend on the hashtags you use. A hashtag is simply a word or group of words, such as #hair and #tieanddye, that will qualify your post. So, if a user types in the search bar "tieanddye" and goes to the hashtag section to see the posts associated with that hashtag, then the most recent posts with that hashtag will appear, and potentially yours.

The challenge is to use the right #hashtags, some hashtags are used a lot and so your post will compete with a few thousand other posts, hence the importance of posting nice pictures that catch the eye! Find out about the most popular #hashtags in the beauty industry, and try to use the most relevant ones for your post. For example, if you want to share a haircut you're proud of with a shaded person, the most relevant # would be: #shadowhair #salonname #paris #paris9 #colouring #salondecoiffureparis #coiffeurparis  

Feel free to test yourself in the Instagram search bar to see which #'s are most used in your area. The number of publications per # will be displayed, try to use the ones with the most publications, with a certain limit though. For example using #hair would not be very relevant because it has been used 743,000 times... Your post would be lost among the thousands of other publications. On average, 5 to 10 hashtags per post are sufficient.

So don't hesitate, create your Instagram account to increase your visibility on social networks!

Our tips for Facebook and Instagram :

1. Do not put a filter on hair photos

Filters change hair colour and therefore do not really represent your work! It is important that you show the real result to gain the trust of your customers.

2. Pay attention to formats

The photo formats on social networks are different and therefore it is possible that your photos will end up cut!  

This concerns Instagram and Facebook publications (not stories), which favour the square format in terms of reach.  

Try to take your photos directly in square format from your smartphone, otherwise you can crop your article on the Sprout website. https://sproutsocial.com/landscape

3. Plan your publicationsIt is important to prepare a number of publications in advance and plan them.

This way you will always have publications on hand and your Instagram account and/or Facebook page will not be neglected for too long. Just like the management of your salon, you need to devote time to the communication part of it.  

If you can't find the time, call Wavy to get at least one publication a week!

4. Call on your employees

Many of you are not necessarily comfortable with social networks, and that's completely understandable! Managing social networks is nowadays even a job in itself.  

Ask one of your employees who you know a little bit more digital to take over the social networks of your hairdressing salon or beauty salon.

Even suggest to the employee in question to put a bonus system in place if he or she attracts customers to your salon!

How do I highlight my hair salon on my Google my Business listing?

In a few words, Google My Business is the Google directory which is presented in the form of a card. This business card has for information the coordinates of your business.  

Let's take the example of Wavy, here's what appears when you search for Wavy on Google :

Wavy Google My Business

Wavy's Google my Business is the part displayed on the right, the information displayed there is :

  • Wavy's rating out of 5
  • The address
  • Opening hours
  • The phone number
  • The website
  • Google and Facebook reviews

Having a Google My Business listing for your hair salon or beauty salon allows you to be in Google Maps search results. This allows 2 things.

  • On the one hand, your customer will be able to display the route to your home on his Google Maps.
  • On the other hand, for Internet users who don't know you yet, this allows you to appear in the results of the list on the right side of the map. The goal is to be displayed at the top of the list, in the first suggestions. In order to maximize your chances, complete your Google My Business listing. However, it's important to keep in mind that the older a Google My Business listing is, the higher it goes.

In order to dethrone the cards that are ahead of you, maintain an active card!

Map of the hairdressers of the 9th Arrondissements

Maintain your Google My Business listing for your hair salon

Your Google my Business listing is maintained just like your Facebook page and your Instagram account. You can add photos and also make publications. On Google My Business, publish promotions or product highlights to attract more people to your business. Also, be careful and format your image to the right dimensions, otherwise it will be automatically cut off. For Google My Business the image sizes are 720*720 pixels.

One of the strong features of Google My Business is the reviews from Google and also from Facebook! Reviews leave a mark out of 5 and also a small comment, the more positive reviews you have, the better, so don't hesitate to ask your satisfied customers to leave a review! Especially since it is well known that people tend to leave a review when they are unhappy rather than when they are happy with their performance. It's another powerful word-of-mouth, so take advantage of it!

Our advice: respond to all the opinions left, whether positive or negative! Thank your customers for their message and for taking the time to do so. This will make them want to come back again. For negative feedback, try to identify the problem and respond diplomatically to your customers. You can also call your customer to take things further. This is an opportunity for you to explain yourself in person and possibly ask them to remove the comment that is detrimental to your salon.

You now have all the keys in hand to become an expert in digital and social networks, so get started! To conclude, fill out all the fields related to your hair salon or beauty salon to maximize your SEO and therefore your visibility. The customer experience is also better because you give, in the blink of an eye, all the key information that Internet users are looking for. This presence gives confidence to Internet users and the publications will allow you to acquire new customers.

Don't forget, at Wavy we publish 1 post per week and we take care of your Google My Business listing if you have the website with us.

However, if you decide to go it alone then read this guide to mistakes to avoid and we wish you good luck! 💪

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