Mulato's natural pigments are available at Wavy Store

Partners since the beginning of the adventure Wavy, Mulato and Wavy continue to advance together with Wavy Store !

Mulato's mission? To make people aware that the beauty of hair begins with good health!

How? By offering niche products such as natural shampoos and treatments and repigmenting. Patrice Mulato uses natural resources from plants, the earth or the sea to extract powerful active ingredients in order to develop products that respect your hair and our planet.

Patrice Mulato products

Mulato professional care products

Patrice Mulato, himself allergic to the products he used on a daily basis, noticed that there was no product that met his needs. Following this realization, he created his brand Patrice Mulato and its natural repigmenting care products.

"I tried to develop products without ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, paraben or silicone. This did not exist, so I started designing products based on the know-how of French laboratories" - Patrice Mulato

Mulato natural products

The Argila range by Patrice Mulato

Not everyone knows about products that are said to be "natural". Do you know the difference between natural and plant-based products? Because yes, there is one.

Vegetable hair dye is often made from henna, a mixture of plant-based powders. This is mixed with water and is generally not compatible with other dyes. This is not the case with Color One natural color, which is compatible with all types of coloring (oxidation, tone on tone, vegetable, balayage...).


Mulato products are 97% natural, and they are guaranteed free of :

  • Paraben
  • Silicones
  • Resorcinol
  • Ammonia
  • Oxygenated water
  • PEG

The remaining 3% are synthetic ingredients that allow the brand to meet its requirements in terms of safety, effectiveness and pleasure of use.

Patrice Mulato's product sheet

Date of creation : 2007
Why Patrice Mulato's products?
  • For their varied care with powerful virtues and adapted to all.
  • Their range of repigmenting agents is unequalled.
  • Their floral scents and fluid textures.
  • Their eco-responsible packaging and their overall environmental commitment.
  • Their power to sublimate and awaken the colors on natural, colored or highlighted hair.

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The opinion of Tristan Le Foll
Freelance hairdresser and trainer
Thanks to the wide range of repigmenting agents, you can offer your clients a tailor-made service, regardless of the colouring technique that was carried out in the salon.

All Mulato ranges available on Wavy Store

The brand has a total of 12 very complete ranges, all of which are available on Wavy Store !

  • Repigmentants : the brand's must-have products
  • Color One: a natural alternative to traditional colouring
  • Flow'Air: a complete range of shampoos and treatments for all hair types
  • Argila : clay range for purified and light hair 
  • Azali : to sublimate ethnic beauties
  • M.Expert: expert care to eliminate dandruff and cleanse the scalp
  • Icon : to structure and style 
  • M'Kids: to take care of the hair of the little ones
  • Sunscreen : to protect and nourish during the summer

The repigmenting range, protection and hydration for the summer period, weakened hair, children... Patrice Mulato has thought of everyone, in any period!

But the key to Patrice Mulato's success remains its range of repigmenting products. You can use other brands on Wavy Store and offer the shampoos and the repigmenting care for resale.

Discover all the ranges of Patrice Mulato on Wavy Store !

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