Christmas special: top 5 original gift ideas for your hairdresser's salon

What if this year you offered more original gifts to your customers for the Christmas holidays? Of course, cards and gift boxes are timeless, but a touch of novelty could surprise many!

Discover the top 5 Christmas gift ideas for your hairdresser or beauty salon

1. A travel kit for a weekend

Because the toilet bag is certainly the accessory that takes up the most space in a cabin suitcase! For Ladies and Gentlemen ;)

For a weekend getaway, nothing is more ideal than having miniature versions of all our beauty products. That's why you can offer small travel kits to your customers: brush, mirror, day cream, night cream, foldable mini hair dryer... The choice is wide!

Hair and Beauty Travel Kit

Get in touch with your supplier to find out if the brand does not already offer travel kits. Brands often offer these products, especially around Christmas time.

2. Offer clothing, jewellery, flowers and other items through partnerships.

Partnering with a local business such as a florist, jeweller, clothing store or other business that looks like you is a great idea!

This initially helps to promote local trade. Everyone benefits since the partnership has the advantage of making the shops known to new consumers and increases turnover.

Secondly, the image of your living room can only improve. This action shows that you are active and that you want to expand your product range to satisfy your customers as best as possible as the holidays approach.  

Several partnership possibilities are available to you depending on the type of business you wish to partner with.

For a clothing store or a jeweler:

You can buy the products at the purchase price and resell them at a higher price, making sure to give the business card of the partner shop. In exchange, the partner shop gives coupons of 5% to 15% discount to its customers for example.

Jewellery and hairdressing partnership

For a florist:

If you wish to partner with a florist, you will not specifically sell the flowers for storage purposes. But you can also offer a 15% discount at the florist from a service fee of 30 euros at your place. In the same way, the florist will give his customers who have spent at least 25 euros on flowers a coupon that will allow them to have -15% at your place.

Florist and hairdressing partnership

For a beauty parlor:

You can also simply partner with the beauty salon next door and offer hair and beauty kits 😉.

All kinds of partnerships are possible. It's up to you to see what you want to do, otherwise who better to ask than your clients themselves? Feel free to conduct surveys on your Facebook page and your Instagram account to ask your customers what they would like to buy in your living room!  

As a small aside, you can also propose to a person doing nail work to come to your salon especially for a few days so that the customers are pampered from head to toe.  

As in the previous point where you have discounts, we advise you to specify on the coupons that your offer is only valid from 2 January 2020 so that you can ensure your turnover for December.

Hair and beauty partnership

3. Take this opportunity to sell your unsold items

Organize a bingo and make your customers win different prizes. We advise you to have big prizes with high monetary values, as well as small prizes for the other winners.

You can buy new products from your suppliers, but above all, take advantage of this opportunity to offer the unsold items of the year! What's more, organizing a bingo is an opportunity for you to create an event in your living room!

Invite all your customers, only 10% of the guests come on average so don't be afraid. Balthasard allows you to order blocks of tickets.

4. Discounts on their next benefit

You can opt for a fun and interactive side by offering your customers to draw coupons from a jar. The coupons offer discounts of 5%, 10% or 20% for example for women and 5% to 10% for men. You can also offer cups to children under 5 years old and offer the products you need to destocking first.  

We advise you not to apply the reductions with immediate effect, and to specify that they are effective from 2 January 2020 for one year. Keep your services at full price for the holidays! You can create your own discount vouchers with Canva.

5. Tote bags branded with your logo*.

No more plastic bags! Turn instead to tote bags, those famous cotton bags often given by brands to their customers. This 5th idea is a gift from you, for your customers!

Tote bag gift idea

The tote bags often illustrated with brand logos, or fun messages, it's up to you to see what you prefer! However, we do not recommend that the message should allude to Christmas to make it easier to wear it all year round.  

Tote bags are more and more popular because of their ecological side: they are reusable, solid, to keep ad vitam eternam! (Unless you put bricks in them).  

We advise you not only to give them away at Christmas, where you can put product samples in them for example. But also during the year, when you sell products to a customer. In addition to being trendy, tote bags are multi-purpose: they are often used as shopping bags, work bags, course bags, beach bags... Here are some sites of customizable tote bags:

*branded = who carries the brand Here are several ideas that will allow you to give original gifts for your customers in your hair salon and beauty salon. You may as well vary the gifts you offer according to the loyalty of your customers! There are no rules 😉

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