Testimony: Elodie of the Ioka show

Discover the testimony of Elodie: manager of the hairdressing salon IOKA  

Elodie is the manager of the IOKA hairdressing salon in Paris and client Wavy. She took over the salon from her ex-boss who ran it for over 30 years. Recruitment, choice of cash register software, accounting, online booking, digital... she testifies to her experience as a manager and gives precious advice in the management of a hairdressing salon! Discover her testimony in video :

Accounting export: a real plus for Wavy cash register software

On the accounting side, Elodie manages it daily at the end of the day by checking the financial reports on the Wavy application. At the weekend, she establishes an accounting reconciliation by checking that the amounts indicated in the financial reports are correct in order to avoid cash flow errors. With the "accounting export" function of the Wavy cash software, I send all the reports directly to the accountant, and then he manages all the accounting and administration.

The most complex task as a manager: accounting  

For Elodie, the most complex task in running a hairdressing salon is accounting because "no mistakes allowed”. But since she has been using the Wavy application, she has "just to focus on her job as a hairdresser and not on everything else that's next door, which is all management and administration. It really simplified my daily life in my hairdressing salon.

Any advice on opening a hair salon?

For Elodie, associating with good people is very important when you start as a hair salon manager, especially hairdresser friends who are always good advice: "We give each other the right tips! Don't hesitate to ask questions, ask for information, make several quotes, etc. I think it's the best solution to avoid making mistakes. Afterwards, we all make them, it's part of life and we learn like that too. "She also advises to have good support in managing your salon, such as the Wavy cash register software, which is there if you need it: "It's a good way to learn how to manage your salon.When in doubt, Wavy's customer service is always present by SMS or telephone. It's really simple.”

What are the mistakes when starting a salon?  

The only mistake Elodie made when she took over her ex-boss's hair salon was to choose a cash register software too quickly and which finally did not meet her expectations. She finally chose Wavy for her cash register software in March 2017: "When Wavy's sales representative presented the software to me in March 2017, I was won over by the ease of use, but also by the professionalism and transparency of the sales staff. They explained everything to me about the Wavy cash register software. "Today, Elodie has two cash register software packages because it was too complicated to cancel its previous software. “I prefer to pay for two software packages and work with good and honest people.

His best advice for running a hair salon:  

  • Good management
  • Have good self-control
  • Making a good choice of personnel
  • Always be the master on board even if you trust your team.
  • Being always present

Just because you're the boss, just because you're not there, doesn't mean you should let the employees do things alone. When dealing with clients, it's important not to let the tensions of your team show through. Customers appreciate it when you are there for them..”

Recruitment advice?

Like many hairdressers, Elodie chose to go through the Eclaireur des Coiffeurs for the recruitment of her staff. This is a magazine specialising in job offers and requests in the hairdressing sector. Elodie also advises word-of-mouth, which for her works very well: "The advertisements on the shop window also work because there is a lot of traffic. When it comes to recruitment, it's a matter of feeling, you either feel it or you don't feel it. There is no school to choose the right staff.

What about digital?

Elodie tries to be present on social networks and to manage her website: "But it's not necessarily obvious. When you're in the rush of work, you don't think about taking pictures or asking clients for a lot of things.. "Elodie recently opted for Wavy's online booking tool. However, when Elodie started her business, she was relatively against online booking because it worked on paper. But she quickly realised that making appointments on the Internet was practical on a daily basis. "I think you can lose a lot of customers and turnover without online booking because the lounge is closed and the phone is not available in the evening, for example. So online booking makes it possible to reach more people.

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