Testimony: Nathalie, manager of the Birchbox lounge

Discover Nathalie, manager of the Birchbox lounge

Hello Nathalie, can you tell us about your background?

So I've got a simple route. I'm a hairdresser's daughter. My mother opened a multi-ethnic salon when I was 9 years old and since that age I've been into hairdressing! I did a normal school education in science and social economics and then I got my hairdressing diploma. Since 2002 I've been doing just that!

What do you like most about the world of hairdressing?

I love everything about hairdressing. Everything from A to Z!

We are in the BIRCHBOX. Can you explain us the BIRCHBOX concept?

The Birchbox concept is really the pioneer in France in the beauty industry. We send 5 sample products and products in completely normal formats, so that women can discover a different beauty universe, with completely open proposals with brands from all over the world. We have access to about 800 brands in all. There are more than 6 countries participating: United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, United States. I have to forget one but I think I've already said it!

You opened your first Birchbox hair salon in Paris last April. Can you give us the reasons why you decided to embark on this adventure?

This is simply to best meet the expectations of consumers and the Birchbox community. In this way, they can discover the products verbatim, use them, and try them directly. In this way, they can refine their tastes and consume better.

In your living room, do you use the products from the Birchbox shop directly below?

Yes, they always have access to new products and a huge range of choices. They can go directly to the shop, or the e-shop, to get their prescription we talked about here. They can equip themselves properly.

What is the concept of Birchbox Hair Salon?

Here we are very "house" spirit, cocooning, the person who makes his appointment can come in all relaxation because it will not be disturbed at all. We're not on the street at all, so there's absolute privacy so that she can make the most of her passage, until if she wishes, to take off her shoes to be as comfortable as possible, like at home!

Birchox is the 1st beauty box in France. You are experts in communication. How did you communicate about the opening of the salon?

Thanks to social networks, Birchbox really works with digital. We focus on Instagram, Facebook, e-mailings, Twitter, all this information circulates in the community. They can be informed in a timely manner of everything that's happening with the brand.

Why this choice to install the hairdressing salon on the first floor of the shop and not via a doorstep?

The idea of having a private room, being alone, not having any disturbance, doors, or telephone. It really is absolute tranquility. We also organize masterclasses. It's true that it's interesting to have a different place to be able to exploit the discussion, the communication, and especially the tranquillity.

What services do you offer at the show?

We offer all types of services, from the most traditional to the most complex: from colouring to cutting, hairstyling, but we also accompany them in the look and image they want to choose. I am there to follow and accompany them in their choice.

How many people work here?

I'm all alone. That's good because we have a pretty intimate relationship, so it's comfortable.

As a hair salon manager, what are your favourite and least favourite jobs?

So the one I like the least is having to catch up on the work of my very dear fellow hairdressers. By the way, yesterday I made an SOS call "Pull yourself together" (laughs). Otherwise, what I prefer is simply the smile of the person who will come out and will be satisfied with what they have asked for!

How are you doing with the trade show communication? Do you post on Facebook or Instagram?

So for this area, we have a great team of people who are very competent to take care of it. I'm really here to take care of the person.

What is the best advice you would give to a hairdresser who opens his own salon and is alone?

I'd say preserve his passion for and against all.

How did you find out about the Wavy checkout software?

I had a friend who offered me tickets to the hair salon, and I went. I almost immediately looked for a checkout solution because I know I love cutting hair, styling, coloring...

But all that's accounting is less my cup of tea. I saw this cash register software proposal that was totally in line with Birchbox's identity, which is digital. I thought that it could very well work well to simplify everything that happens on a daily basis, appointments, reservations, phone calls... All that comfort. And also a simplified cash management, it was for me an absolute ease.

You have the online reservation at the salon. Could you tell us how this tool makes your life easier?

It makes my life so much easier, I just have to check my iPad and see what's going on. I see on my schedule that everything is organized, the times are set in a good way. It's linear. There's no jerking. However, if someone has made a mistake, it can be rectified on the spot to correct the shot. Quite frankly, it's really a great tool because it's very easy to use.

With online booking, what other features of Wavy do you like?

Appointment confirmation by SMS, because it gives them a reminder to make an appointment.

With this option, do you have fewer clients who drop out?

Fewer people pulling out? I don't know yet. I don't have enough back yet to tell you. But in any case, the fact that they have the reminder SMS also allows them to be able to call me if there's anything, or leave me a message, or warn me in advance that they won't be able to be there, and the gentlemen too! Because gentlemen are welcome too!

Would you recommend Wavy to other hairdressers in your circle?

Completely, you're often overwhelmed and focused. If we can have a tool like this on the side to take the burden of all the paperwork, and waste time on making phone appointments. Honestly, I totally recommend it!

What's more, you're all alone, so the Wavy application really helps you on a daily basis! Yes moreover! I admit that I've already worked with teams of 3-4 people and frankly, even if we each take turns with the client, it's much more comfortable to have this solution.

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

I had a customer last week who was perfectly comfortable and cozy, and she delighted me because she took off her shoes, she lay down on the tray and I thought "There, that means she feels at home!" That's a nice anecdote! Thank you Nathalie! Thank you!

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