Top 5 ideas to diversify your services in your hairdressing salon

In your hair salon or beauty salon, you have the possibility to make a lot of different animations to energize your salon and make your client live a unique experience. At the end of this article, find 3 articles that will give you other original ideas to implement in your salon. But first, discover our top 5 ideas to diversify your service menu!

Diversify your card of services in your hairdressing salon or beauty institute: here is our top 5!

You want to stand out from your competitors, open from 10am to 7pm, only for cuts and colourings? There are many ways to diversify the range of services offered by your hair salon or beauty institute, and we have put together the top 5 of our ideas for you. (The article names examples in hairdressing, but these also work very well for make-up).

1. Propose DIY (Do It Yourself) animations in your hairdressing salon or beauty salon.

DIY, or "do-it-yourself", has become fashionable in recent years. Knitting, pottery, decoration... Many sectors are affected by this new way of occupying one's free time, and hairdressing has not been spared. More and more women want to be able to do their own hair, or to style their little girl's hair for events. You can imagine that families do not go to the hairdresser for every occasion, there are far too many of them. Hence this golden opportunity for you to create DIY animations in your hair salon or beauty salon.

DIY videos on YouTube are becoming more and more common, and it's a shame when you can show them yourself in practice! There's nothing like having the expert next to you to learn;)

Beyond learning, these animations are a real moment of sharing your know-how with your customers, which is beneficial to you in every way. You pass on your passion to them, you allow them to spend a pleasant moment, and you will make them proud of the result, even more so if it is a family event!

Hairdressing animation between mother and daughter

You can also present this animation as a pleasant moment between friends, so that your clients come accompanied by someone who is potentially not a client in your salon. An event like this has only advantages, contrary to what many people think! You strengthen your ties with your clients, you create a pleasant moment by offering aperitifs, and in the age of social networks, you can be sure that you will get free visibility thanks to Facebook and Instagram posts and stories!

To go further: offer hair AND make-up workshops! Why not start a partnership with the neighbouring institute for a 100% beauty animation ;)

2. Open your hair salon or beauty salon at night every month.

Other than the DIY animations that you can offer at night once a month for example, you can also extend your opening hours one day a week. Generally, Thursday is a good day to offer night-time activities to your customers.

Hairdressing and beauty animation at night

Your clients work for a lot from Monday to Friday, from 9/10h to 18h. The hours during which they work often correspond to the opening hours of your hair salon or beauty salon. And that's why your salon is often full at lunchtime! What's more, people with "office" hours usually only have their Saturday to do their shopping (food shopping, post office, children's activities, etc.).  

If you are alone in your living room, without an employee, you can also open on Sunday mornings or late afternoons between 4pm and 7pm. However, we understand that you do not wish to open on Sundays, because you too have your own constraints. That's why we suggest that you organize night openings every week or once every two weeks.

3. Partner with a professional at home for an afternoon or a day in your hairdressing salon or beauty salon.

Vary your service card only once a week by offering additional services. You can ask a beautician to come to your home on Fridays, Saturdays, or during the night. Give your clients the opportunity to have a manicure while they get their hair done!

Hair and nail care in your salon

What's more, your customer base is more likely to grow thanks to word of mouth from the beautician's clients at home.

4. Sell products other than beauty products in your hairdresser's salon or beauty salon.

Diversification is not only possible via your benefit card, but also on your shelves! You can also sell something other than beauty products in your salon. In other articles (whose references are at the end of this article), we suggest that you create partnerships with businesses near your hair salon or beauty salon.  

In general, fashion products are products that match your services, we stay in the theme of trends and appearance. Fashion items that are easy to store are jewellery, such as rings, bracelets or necklaces. The jewellery chosen for sale must be consistent with the image you convey in your living room.

Fashion products on sale at the hair salon

You have two different ways to offer these products in your living room:

  • or you make a partnership with the neighbouring shop and you also advertise to it.
  • or you decide to contact a wholesaler to see if you can sell products on your scale.

5. Invest in a UV machine that your customers can book before or after their appointment.

An original way to make your customers wait, and which would become a full-time job, is to take a UV machine. You can take one that only takes up the upper body so that it takes up the least amount of space in the booth.

Find out about the equipment and make a budget estimate to see if you can afford it.

UV machine in a hairdressing or beauty salon

UV cabins, due to their performance, may make your customers sweat, that's why we recommend the use of the cabin before the service. It would be a pity if the new cut was damaged by a heat stroke under the UV cabin! Discover our other original ideas for your hairdressing salon or beauty salon:

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