Top 7 original ideas to celebrate your salon's anniversary

Celebrating the anniversary of your hair salon or beauty institute is one of the best opportunities to get your salon talked about. It's a good opportunity to be creative, increase your sales for the next month, and at best for a long period of time.

If you organise your trade fair anniversary correctly, you could not only send positive vibes to your customers and employees, but also bring your customers back and attract new ones. Above all, this event should be an opportunity to share a moment of fun and escape the daily routine.

birthday hairdresser

To help you prepare for this special day, we have come up with the best ideas to help you spend more time on your work.

To do this, you need to:

Organize a birthday event for your hair salon or beauty salon

On the anniversary of your hair salon, it seems natural to throw a party. An event in which you invite your most loyal customers to your hair salon or beauty salon could be exactly what you need to attract attention.  

Think about all the details: decoration, timetables, entertainment... and of course warn the participants. You must inform them in advance by sending SMS messages for example. Wavy can take care of this for you, we can design personalised SMS campaigns for you; or promote your hair salon's anniversary on social networks. In order to have a large-scale party, you can also involve influencers from your region.

Let's take a closer look at what you need to pay attention to when planning your salon's anniversary.

Select a date and time

It is best to celebrate a hair salon's anniversary on a non-working day or every other day from 6pm, when your guests are not busy with their work and daily business.  

Think about the number of guests

If you are celebrating the birthday in the living room, make sure that each guest has a comfortable place to sit and that the room is not crowded and stuffy. If your living room space is small enough and may not accommodate all the people you invite, celebrate the birthday in a different location.

Start by calling your most loyal customers on the phone to make sure they come. And if there's still room, text other customers requesting a confirmation response by a deadline.

We have prepared a sample SMS for you.

sms anniversary hair salon

Prepare in advance an activity for the anniversary of the hair salon or beauty salon.

In order to make your event a success and to ensure that there are no awkward breaks, it is necessary to think about an interesting activity that would unite the guests, for example, competitions for the show's customers. Or organise a karaoke party, mime or guessing games and award prizes at the end of the evening, such as 'Best Singer' and so on...or promotional codes for the winners. Make sure all categories of invited participants are comfortable.

Make sure to think about gifts

One of the best ways to maintain meaningful contact with existing customers and attract new ones is to offer gifts. This can be something exclusive for the most loyal customers, for example, a bag with your living room logo, decorative items for the home, scented candles, pocket mirrors, toilet bags with the logo, lip balm, hand gels... And for new customers you can offer pleasant souvenirs: pens with the salon logo, notebooks, key rings...

For more gift ideas, visit these sites and order your promotional items:

Anniversary gifts hairdressing salon beauty salon

Organize a buffet

Organize an event in your hair salon or beauty salon where you serve drinks, hot and cold to your visitors as they interact with you and the team.

Then think of a treat, hire a catering company if necessary, or limit yourself to aperitifs. Don't forget to consider all the details: add veganism to the menu, for example, and think about those who don't eat pork. But everything should be beautiful and elegant.

Take pictures

For a better result of the event, don't forget to take pictures and make stories for the Instagram/ Facebook of your hair salon. You can also organize a themed photo area with accessories for creative photos. After a while, clients will receive their photos and will remember this beautiful day and your salon of course. In addition, photos can be published in social networks, which in itself will become an additional advertisement and draw attention to your salon.

anniversary photos

Think of the music

And one more thing. If you decide to put on music or another sound, think about a reasonable volume. Find out here how to legally play music in your salon.

Valuing your team

Your team is the foundation of your establishment, often in marketing it is said that its collaborators are the best ambassadors. You surely know how difficult it is to find and retain good collaborators. For this occasion, they deserve to be spoiled more than anyone else.

  • Make sure every employee feels that you are grateful for their contribution to your salon. For example, organize annual rewards. Get your team together and give a congratulatory speech naming each employee and talking about their contributions to the common cause.
  • It will also be useful to organize a bonus distribution. These can be either valuable gifts or financial bonuses as a thank you for their contributions.
  • Organize a program for the exhibition team. For example, invite them to a restaurant or a party. This will help rally the team.
  • What's a birthday without a cake? Ordering a cake for your team is also a great way to mark the celebration. Check out Pinterest for great cake ideas like this one:

cake salon

Decorate your hairdressing salon

A beautiful and unique setting greatly contributes to creating a memorable experience for your participants. A beautiful decor will create a warm atmosphere and help you, your team and your clients to be in a good mood and have a great time. This will improve the image of the show and your clients will probably want to spend more time at your place.  

Flowers, for example, add an idyllic touch to any location. However, rather than just placing flowers, be creative! Lay a vine of foliage and flowers to take your guests into a forest or place them in a bell to the beautiful and the beast. Intertwined cages of flowers are also elegant.

Also think about hanging decorations that will add a whimsical touch to your hair salon. There are a myriad of options other than hanging lamps. Hang driftwood or branches for a rustic ambience, or take the artistic reference from The Umbrella Sky project and hang colourful umbrellas for an original tone.

Huge balloons and tinsel are also fun to see at a hair salon anniversary event.

cage flower decoration
birthday balloon
decoration hairdresser

Conduct a customer appreciation campaign

You owe your success, in part, to your customers. So why not launch a customer appreciation campaign at this time? You can send out hand-signed thank you cards, offer boxes of chocolate, surprise them with the free blow dryer, make promotions or introduce frequent customers to your social networking pages (with their permission, of course), etc.

As a salon or beauty salon owner, you should have customers who not only return to your salon repeatedly, but also recommend your products or services to their friends and family. Recognizing the role your customers play in your success shows them that you appreciate them, which can help improve their loyalty.

Carefully redesigning the show's logo

Consider making a few changes to your hair salon logo. However, keep in mind that the logo is the identity of the salon, and changing it excessively will tarnish your identity and thus harm your establishment. Therefore, avoid making a lot of changes.

After designing your commemorative logo, place it on your website, social network profiles, etc. This will let everyone know that something exciting is happening in your living room.

Advertise the opportunity on your hair salon's social networks

Why not create a buzz on your social networks about your salon's anniversary?

Create a Facebook event and spread the word that on your salon's birthday, for example, all customers will leave with a special gift.

With the advent of social media marketing, companies are putting extra effort into showing the events and celebrations they have in the workplace. It's a way to let people know about your show and the culture of the establishment. Announcing the anniversary and photos of the celebration on social networks like Instagram and Facebook will help spread the news to the masses.

birthday facebook event

Collecting Donations for a Charity

One way to make an anniversary memorable is to partner with a non-profit organization and raise funds. For example, donate a percentage of your sales from the week of the anniversary to the organization of your choice. Or collect strands of hair for the Solidhair association to help people with cancer.

This can be an excellent time to interact with current and potential donors and show them how their donations help or could help.  

With these tips, planning your salon's anniversary shouldn't be stressful. The functionalities integrated into your Wavy account (SMS campaigns, customer files...) make planning quick, simple and downright pleasant. You don't have Wavy yet? Contact us for a free demo.

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