Top 7 ideas for a dynamic hairdressing salon

Here are the top 7 ideas to keep your salon always welcoming your existing and new customers! Whether it's around actions that you can implement in your salon or on your social networks, all play an essential role in building customer loyalty.

Discover the top 7 ideas for a dynamic hairdressing salon

1. Make the next appointment for your customers directly after their service

For men, it is often easier to make the next appointment than for women. That's why it's important that you talk to women about their hair and their needs. Offer an approximate date, and reassure your clients that they can always reschedule their appointment if they wish. Thanks to the checkout software, you can see at a glance how often your customer is coming, so you can suggest a new appointment accordingly. You save them and yourself time!  

In addition, the Wavy checkout software sends an appointment confirmation and appointment reminder SMS to your customers, with a link allowing them to modify or cancel their appointment.

2. Dedicate a special place for your clients' photos.

We recommend that you set up a photo place in your living room, so that you can publish photos of your customers on your Facebook page and your Instagram account (asking them for permission to publish the photo).

For more visibility of your show, you can ask your customers if they would like to have the picture. It is very likely that if you give it to him/her, he/she will put it on his/her Instagram account ;)  

Installing a place dedicated to photos is really decorating the location. This can be done through a personalized wall, plants, paintings,... To learn more, do not hesitate to download the white paper How to take beautiful pictures for the Instagram account of your living room? on KoudeCizo, a 100% online and 100% free platform.

3. Differentiate yourself by creating your signature cut

You've probably already read the name of a cocktail you've never seen on a bar menu. It's the bar's signature cocktail, a unique cocktail differentiated by its touch of ingredients. Well, the signature cup is the same thing! Be creative by offering your customers a service that reflects your identity and that of your salon.

It can be a cutting style, a styling style, or even an accessory, it's up to you!

4. Take care of your haircut

Shoemakers are always the worst shoemakers... This quote doesn't apply to you! Getting your hair cut by a poorly coiffed hairdresser is not exactly easy for your client. He may lose confidence in you, but not only that! Your sales pitch about selling your products will no longer be as credible as it could have been.

Take care of your cut, at least on working days ;)

5. Organize contests regularly

Organizing contests allows you to build customer loyalty and win new customers! A competition generates activity around your show for several days. There are several types of prizes for your competition, for example discounts on your products and services, or products from a local shop for the next hairdressing service. This allows you not only to generate commitment in a "fun" way with your customers, but also to make partnerships with local shops and to promote local trade.

To find out more about creating contests for Facebook and Instagram, download the KoudeCizo fact sheet "How to organize a contest on social networks".

6. Create partnerships with local businesses

In addition to contests, you can also propose partnerships all year round with your neighbouring businesses: florists, decorators, jewellers, clothing stores, etc. All you have to do is display a few products that they would like to highlight in your hairdressing salon or beauty salon, along with their business card.

Nevertheless, you must be judicious in your choice of partnership. Choose products that make sense to display in your living room and that resemble your image.

In exchange, your partner offers a 15% discount to its customers for any service in your salon, beyond an expense of 30 euros for example. Don't hesitate to direct your customer to the partner shop, and your partner will pay you back by word of mouth ;)

7. Send SMS campaigns to share relevant information about your hairdressing salon

Did you know that 97% of SMS messages are read within 10 minutes of receipt? So don't hesitate to use this means of communication to inform your customers of any steps taken for your hairdressing salon or beauty salon!

Event, promotion, partnership, night,... All occasions are good to generate more traffic and word-of-mouth for your hair salon or beauty institute! At Wavy, we offer you messages every 2 weeks! And you can also send SMS messages whenever you want ;) We invite you to discover more about this means of communication! Did you like this article? Read also Top 10 original ideas to make your customers wait :)

Who are we?

Wavy is a management and communication solution that was created with one objective in mind: to simplify the life of hairdressers and beauty salons! Designed by hairdressers, for hairdressers, we have built our product to respond to all your problems and requirements. Our tool adapts to you!  

More than a checkout software, Wavy links your customer file to your Facebook page, the Facebook page to your website, your website to online booking and online booking to your Wavy agenda. Everything is connected!

Do you want to build customer loyalty, attract new customers, increase your average basket and save time? We explain how with Wavy! Ask for a demo.

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