Transparent payment, a feature that is revolutionizing the customer experience in hair salons and beauty salons!

The frictionless customer experience is finally here, thanks to transparent payment!

Today's customers have a multitude of choices. They are easily distracted, pressed for time, and focus on instant gratification. Thanks to technology, we're used to everything being faster. These changes in consumption have led to increasingly fluid customer experiences , allowing you to acquire and retain customers.

In any purchasing process, payment is the most delicate step. That's why we at Wavy believe that it should be as inconspicuous as possible, if not completely transparent. This stage, which is linked to the customer experience, can finally be eliminated or corrected thanks to technological advances. Discover transparent payment .

Imagine that your customers are fully focused on their experience in your salon. Nothing stands in their way, especially not the payment. Paradoxically, the less intrusive payments become, the more value they add to the customer experience.

Give your customers a unique experience!

Collect your customers in one click and secure your salon turnover.
Thanks to transparent payment, you can earn more money, build customer loyalty and expand your business.

What is "transparent payment"?

Transparent payment is an improvement of the customerexperiencein your salon, by focusing on the pleasant part (the service) and reducing the boring part (the payment). Of course, it is not about offering your services for free! In fact, this new technology means that at the time of the first online reservation, your customers leave their credit card details, a sort ofimprint.

They will not be debited at the time of booking.

Once the appointment has been made, the credit card may be debited automatically, even if a resale product or other service is added on the same day.

Better still, thanks to transparent payment, your customers will no longer have to leave a card imprint before every appointment and every online booking.

More than just a simple online prepayment for your hair salon or beauty salon, transparent payment minimizes the payment process and its obstacles. Simply put, it eliminates transactional exchange in the salon toimprove the customer experience.

What are the advantages of transparent payment?

Without a doubt, transparent payment reduces friction around the customer experience during the payment process, but the approach hasother important benefits as well.

The reduction of no-shows! 

No-shows and late cancellations are frustrating and can seriously affect your profits. With transparent payment, you can significantly reduce the number of unpaid appointments. Your customers are less likely tocancel their appointments at the last minute or not show up if they are required to leavetheir credit card imprint before their visit. This way, they will only cancel if they have little other choice.

Managing unpaid appointments: covering costs 

You have always put up with the whims of customers that can cripple your salon and cost your establishment huge sums of money. Now, thanks to transparent payment, you can easily set up a cancellation policy. This protects you from losing money when customers change or cancel their appointments at the last minute, or worse, don't show up at all. 

Define a percentage that you will be able to collect in one click if the customer does not show up, from 0 to 100% of the reservation price. 

With Wavy, you also have the possibility to give your customers some leeway by allowing them to cancel free of charge before a given period of time (24 or 72 hours for example), or simply not to apply these charges if they are very loyal customers. 

Less cognitive dissonance for your client

Let's face it, nobody really likes to pay. It's just that tricky step that separates your client from the service or product they've decided to get. 

The customer is happy because he looks good, but payment is not the most pleasant part of his experience at the salon. This contradiction (happy with the service but unhappy to get his card out) is a cognitive dissonance!

Transparent payment makes the process invisible, less "painful" in appearance and thus increases customer comfort. This will therefore double the chances of recommending your services and coming back to them later.

Better visibility on your calendar

By reducing the number of unpaid appointments, you have better visibility on your calendar. This way, you have better control of your agenda and organize your activity more efficiently. As a result, you will be able to draw data that can have a direct impact on your turnover, thus increasing your productivity

The checkout is over! 

Seamless payment will reduce the amount of time you and your staff have to spend on the payment stage, freeing up your time for more important tasks. As a result, you'll be able to serve a higher volume of customers, increasing your productivity. By creating an invisible payment process, you'll realize significant savings over time.

A young and modern image for your hairdresser or beauty salon

The unique novelty for your hairdressing salon or beauty institute is transparent payment! Concretely, it allows your customers to go from the chair directly to the exit of your establishment, without going through the checkout. This improvement of the purchasing process in your salon helps you to reflect a young and modern image, which is an important differentiating factor for your hairdressing salon or beauty institute. Regardless of the size of your establishment, having the "transparent payment" feature adds credibility of know-how to your salon.

You've certainly had this experience yourself, with Uber or in a hotel. And you have surely noticed that, in a way, an experience with transparent payment makes the service lighter and even better.

If you are a customer of Wavy, do not hesitate to take advantage of this new feature by contacting us ! And thank you for choosing us as we strive to "connect" the beauty and wellness industry.

If you don't have Wavy yet and you would like to see the features we offer, contact us for a free demo.

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