Unbottled, solid products that are good for the planet are available on Wavy Store

Launched in March 2021, Wavy Store is expanding its eco-responsible offer and now offers Unbottled solid shampoos on its platform.

Solid shampoo is a key product for all those who wish to have a positive impact on the environment. Offering this product for sale in your hair salon will become essential to meet the needs of your clientele, especially generation Y (born between 1980 and 2000) and generation Z (born from the year 2000). 

What could be better than satisfying your customers and generating turnover?

Unbottled solid products are committed to environmental responsibility

Sarah, the co-founder of Unbottled, started with a simple observation: 360 million shower gels and shampoos are thrown away every year in France. We don't even dare to do the math on a global scale!

Eliminating single-use plastics in the bathroom became an obvious choice for Sarah, and this is her story.

The beginning of the story Unbottled...

In September 2018, Sarah understood the need to adopt eco-responsible gestures and questioned her way of consuming. At that time, she had been working for 6 years in a large cosmetics group and wanted to make things happen. The co-founder of Unbottled decided to quit her job and left for a little adventure around the world in January 2019.

After returning from her trip, Sarah concludes, in spite of herself, that she has over-consumed plastic-packaged products such as shower gels and shampoos.

With this in mind, Sarah decided to launch a business in solid beauty products, but not only that! Her dream is to have a production line with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

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The mission of Unbottled solid products

Sarah and Benjamin, the 2 co-founders, have only one goal: to offer to as many people as possible solid products with the same benefits as liquid products, but without the plastic and chemical substances.

The formulas of the solid products have been worked and reworked to meet the needs of consumers, i.e. products that lather, smell good, and do not dry out the skin or hair. All their products are for all hair and skin types, for women, men and children.

Another good news is that the 75 gr of solid shampoo is equivalent to 250 ml of liquid shampoo, which is 2 to 3 bottles of classic shampoo!

But above all, for the good of our planet, all products are biodegradable, not tested on animals, vegan and without palm oil.

The solid products are then packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes from sustainably managed forests and printed without toxic ink.

Here is the list of natural ingredients in Solide Tout Nu shampoo, available at Wavy Store:

  • Nourishing organic argan oil
  • Smoothing broccoli oil (natural substitute for silicones)
  • Balancing green clay
  • 100% natural rosemary and mint scent

As mentioned above, Sarah wanted Unbottled to have a minimal carbon footprint, and it works! The production line is based solely in France and the packaging is specifically adapted to the size of the products.

To further their commitment, Unbottled is also a partner of No Plastic in My Sea, the association that fights against single-use plastic.

Unbottled All-Nude Shampoo

Date of creation : 2019
Recommended retail price : 12,90 €

Why Unbottled solid shampoo?
  • The solid shampoo is 100% French and 0 waste.
  • The product is suitable for all hair types, women, men and children.
  • The product has been proven to be effective by consumers: it lathers, it smells good and it does not dry out the skin and hair.
  • Excellent on Yuka : pH Neutral, Vegan, no sulfates or silicones

Read more: unbottled.co
The opinion of Tristan Le Foll
Freelance hairdresser and trainer
The Naked Shampoo appeals to salon consumers because of its eco-responsibility and practicality. Thanks to its well-balanced formula, it preserves the fading of even the most delicate colors. For natural hair, it is enough on its own to keep hair soft and untangled.

Wavy Store and Unbottled, together to offer eco-responsible alternatives

Fighting single-use plastic is no longer a scourge we need to explain to you. Many of us have already made this commitment, especially generations Y and Z who are increasingly committed to taking action for the good of the environment.

The hairdressing and beauty sector is also entering this dynamic! Brands such as Unbottled are taking this eco-responsible turn, a turn that is becoming "trendy", or rather necessary in the eyes of some consumers.

It is therefore essential that the managers of hair salons and beauty salons can offer their customers eco-responsible products for resale.

As you can see, in addition to satisfying your customers, solid products will generate turnover. Do something for the planet and differentiate yourself in 3 clicks thanks to Wavy Store.

Wavy Store allows you to order by the unit! So why not start and try some Unbottled solid shampoos? You'll receive your order within 72 hours!

The reason we are offering Unbottled solid products on Wavy Store today is because we truly believe in the potential they can bring to the success and image of your establishment. 

Discover them quickly on the application Wavy, try them and see!

Your products at unbeatable prices, ordered in 3 clicks on Wavy Store

Delivered in 72h - Single order - Free shipping from 99€ - Products automatically added to your stock

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