Wavy launches KoudeCizo: 100% free business training for beauty professionals

Since 2016, Wavy has continued to develop with the aim of helping you more and more in your daily life as a show manager. Initially a cash register software, Wavy has evolved to become a complete management software. The version of Wavy that you are familiar with today also offers the communication/marketing offer which, in addition to increasing your turnover with SMS campaigns, helps you to develop your image and notoriety on the web. But we didn't want to stop there! We are proud to announce that today, we have gone even further by creating KoudeCizothe 1st training platform 100% online and 100% free for beauty professionals. Intrigued? We explain it to you just below... 😉

Why did you create KoudeCizo?

Cutting our hair, making pretty colours, making us more and more beautiful, managing your relationships: you know how to do it wonderfully. But managing a salon also involves entrepreneurial skills: communication, management, sales... These things are not innate to anyone and that's normal. At Wavy, we started from this observation: as hairdressing professionals, your training in the field of hairdressing has, for the most part, not allowed you to tackle aspects that are essential to the sustainability of your business: legal matters, the study of your statistics, figures, accounting... Today, nothing is yet concretely proposed to you to answer these subjects. However, as an entrepreneur, it is essential for you to know and understand all these parameters. If you have the motivation and the thirst to learn, nothing is impossible to your heart's content: at Wavy, we want to give you the weapons you need to ensure that your show develops and lasts over time.

KoudeCizo answers all that!

KoudeCizo is quite simply an online training platform, where experts in marketing, accounting or management (and many others!), help you deal with the problems you may encounter in your daily life as a hair salon or beauty institute manager. This platform has been set up with one goal in mind: to make your life easier! Its little +? It is 100% free, 100% online and 100% accessible from any support (phone, tablet, computer), anywhere and anytime! A little bonus for our cherished customers 😘: no need to create a new account, use your Wavy login 🔥 On this platform, you will find content in 4 main types of formats.  

  • Videos
  • White papers
  • Practical information sheets
  • Online calculation tools

Experts to ensure quality

All product content is written and directed by our experts. For example, for legal topics, we involve a lawyer. For accounting matters, we involve a chartered accountant. This with the sole aim of always providing you with the best possible information. In concrete terms, you can already find these articles here:

And for the future, we already have plenty of ideas to feed KoudeCizo!

  • How to follow your activity month by month?
  • Hair salon prices: what positioning to have?
  • How to thwart conflicts within your team?
  • Why and how to be visible on the web?

Exhibition managers: this platform is therefore entirely dedicated to you. All the subjects discussed on KoudeCizo are intended for you. We will be very attentive to your feedback on the subjects that you have problems with on a daily basis, in order to provide you with the necessary answers. So don't hesitate! 🙏 The last word is left to Clément Moreno, founder and CEO of Wavy, who will give you some additional information about KoudeCizo.

Stay connected! ;-)

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