Wavy and its partners: get the best offers for your hair salon or beauty salon

Wavy offers a management and communication solution to connect your hair salon or beauty salon to your customers. Our solution manages the collection, the history of your customer file, your stocks, the online booking, and your communication with your image.

To simplify your daily life and to support you in your role as a business owner, we have gone further. We surround ourselves with partners who inspire us and who contribute to the growth of your establishment. We work together to ensure that you have the best cards in your hand.

Our partners to attract and retain your employees

In order to value your work and also that of your employees, we have negotiated partnerships with startups with which Wavy collaborate.

HelloCSE, the employee benefits platform

HelloCSE is a Lyon-based startup that provides social and economic committees for companies. This CSE is the one of Wavy, and we also negotiated so that it is the one of all our customers, managers of hairdressing salons and beauty salons, as well as their employees.

Usually, the CSE are allowed to companies with 10 employees or more, so this is a big first for the hairdressing and beauty sector!

Wavy users benefit from over 100,000 discounts on Wavy Community by HelloCSE, in areas such as everyday life (IKEA, Maisons du Monde, etc.), fashion, travel and leisure.

Find out how Wavy brings the benefits of a CSE to trade shows free of charge.

HelloCSE Partner x Wavy

Swile, the dematerialized meal vouchers

Swile, a French startup, is modernizing the meal ticket industry by offering dematerialized meal tickets on a blue card. At Wavy, we are also fans of the Swile card and have negotiated preferential rates so that our customers benefit from solutions that are truly adapted to their needs. Your employees will be able to spend their meal vouchers in all food outlets, you increase their purchasing power! 

When recruiting, offering meal vouchers becomes a real lever. We tell you more about our partnership with Swile to facilitate access to meal vouchers here.

Partner Swile x Wavy

Our partners to ensure the management of your company

You are above all passionate about your job, and it is not always easy to wear the hats of beauty professionals, managers and directors. Discover the solutions that support you on a daily basis.

+Simple, online insurance solutions for beauty professionals

+Simple offers you complete insurance solutions 100% online so that you can devote yourself to your passion, without worrying! The insurance solution puts an expert advisor at your disposal so that you get a personalized service.

We strongly recommend you to have an insurance, it protects you in case of water damage, customer complaints and a lot of other worries that you would not have seen coming.

You can find more information in our article on taking out professional insurance.

Wavy Content : 100% free business training platform  

Wavy Content is a free business platform that aims to give you the means to succeed as a business owner.

You'll find our advice on how to run your hair salon, beauty salon or barbershop and how to turn your passion into a successful project. Marketing, human resources, legal, accounting and many other topics are covered in the form of practical sheets, white papers, or social networking kits.

Take advantage of Wavy Content and its free content to make the most of your business.

Our partners to optimize the collection of your customers

As a cash register software, Wavy offers several payment solutions to best satisfy its customers.

Lydia Pro, instant global payment solution

Initially known for facilitating refunds between friends, the Lydia app also allows you to cash out your customers at your establishment. Lydia has added these features with the aim of replacing cash, cheque and even bank card to be a one stop shop for your payments.

In order to benefit from this feature, you need to have a Lydia Pro account. Creating the account is very simple. You can then activate your Lydia account in the app Wavy. To cash your customers securely, you will just have to scan the QR code of their Lydia account. All you need is an Internet connection!

Partner Lydia x Wavy

SumUp Air, the simple, small and modern payment terminal

The SumUp payment terminal accepts payments from all cards, even American Express. Your customers can pay by entering their PIN or contactless for the card, and also with their smartphone.

This handheld device is lightweight and easy to use. It is connected to a mobile app so you can see all your transactions at a glance.

Wavy has negotiated preferential rates with SumUp, we suggest you discover more in our article Wavy integrates sumUp to its application.

Partner SumUp x Wavy

Zettle by PayPal, the TPE to manage your business with ease

Our partner Zettle by PayPal is a financial technology company, owned by PayPal, that caters to professionals. With the evolution of payment systems, Zettle offers simple and flexible tools. 

It is an ideal solution for accepting card payments and contactless payments for micro-businesses and hairdressers starting out. With a very low investment, you have no commitment, but only a commission to pay on each collection.

Partner Zettle x Wavy

Stripe, online payment solution 

Wavy has partnered with Stripe to facilitate payments and credit card swipes over the Internet. Wavy has actually implemented a credit card swipe system at the time of online booking, to reduce missed appointments. If the customer does not keep the appointment, then you charge a percentage of the total amount of the ticket, which you have defined in your application Wavy. If the customer honours the appointment, you charge the total amount of the service in one click! Find out more about Transparent Payment.

Our partners to synchronize all your calendars

With the evolution of digital and applications in recent years, the hair and beauty industry has not been spared. Optimize your calendars with the integrations made by Wavy.

Google Calendar, Google's online calendar

Wavy integrates perfectly with your Google calendar. We automatically synchronize your appointments on Wavy with your Google calendar. This way, you can easily view your appointments.

Balinéa and Treatwell, the online booking platforms for beauty professionals

Balinéa and Treatwell are online booking platforms, also available in app format, where consumers book their appointments, often at discounted prices.

In order to optimize the management of salon managers' schedules, Wavy has teamed up with Balinéa and Treatwell so that appointments made on these two platforms are directly displayed on the Wavy calendar. Thus, duplicate appointments are limited and managers do not have to manually enter the appointments of the platforms in Wavy.

Our partnership with the UDEF, the Unions of Estheticians of France

Our partner UDEF is a community of estheticians that helps its members across the country build successful establishments. UDEF is home to passionate, hard-working professionals in the beauty industry who are looking to help each other live their passion. Whether you are a salon or home-based esthetician, the UDEF community is here to guide, connect, inspire and most importantly advocate for you. Wavy and UDEF have been partners for many years now, so don 't hesitate to reach out if you are part of UDEF and would like to join the Wavy Family!

As always, we will continue to look for new ways toadd value to your hair salon, beauty salon or barbershop. Wavy is always looking for ways to help you grow your business. This new experience will help retain and attract more customers to your salon. Do you want to build customer loyalty, attract new customers, increase your average basket and save time? We explain how with Wavy ! Request a demo.

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