Wavy is partnering with Swile to facilitate access to restaurant vouchers for beauty and hairdressing professionals!

In order to meet the needs of our customers, to continue to accompany them on a daily basis and to help them develop their hair salon or beauty salon, we are delighted to announce that Swile and Wavy have joined forces. This partnership enables hair and beauty salons to offer their employees dematerialized restaurant vouchers.

Already used by 400,000 employees, Swile is a Fintech that offers a card and an application that brings together salary benefits (restaurant and gift vouchers). It is an innovative solution that makes life easier for both employers and employees. Thanks to this partnership, you can offer your employees restaurant vouchers with a smooth and paperless administration, helping you to hire and retain more talent in your hair salon or beauty salon. 

What is a dematerialised restaurant voucher? 

A dematerialised restaurant voucher is a voucher in electronic form embedded in a smart card, very similar to what we know with our bank cards. They are given by employers to their employees to enable them to pay in the same way, with the entry of a confidential or contactless code, in a supermarket, at the bakery, in a restaurant, etc.

How do Swile dematerialised restaurant vouchers work? 

Swile allows employees to use a prepaid card to purchase meals in restaurants, bars, grocery stores, supermarkets and food delivery applications, with no payment limit if you connect your personal credit card to Swile (compared to only €38/day with your Swile card).

Swile restaurant voucher card

Note that meal vouchers allow you as an employer to provide between 50% and 60% of a meal voucher free of tax and Social Security contributions, with the maximum employer contribution being set at €5.55 per employee, per day. 

For example, if the employer contributes 60% of the cost of a meal voucher to the maximum allowed, the voucher issued will be worth €9.25. The additional €3.70 will come from the employee, being deducted from their salary for each day that a "meal voucher" is provided.

Also, Swile provides its customers with an application to allow you to track your meal voucher account, create 100% free prize pools, and simplify the management of reimbursements between colleagues.

Why offer dematerialised restaurant vouchers to your employees?

The Swile offer for customers Wavy 

Wavy has always wanted to accompany you in the global management of your exhibition. To do this, Wavy has joined forces with Swile to give you access to an innovative and easy-to-use solution and make it easier for you to set up restaurant vouchers for your hair salons and beauty salons.

That's why, with Swile, we decided tooffer all our customers the first cards ordered, as well as the reloading fees for the 1st month.

swile card

Increase the retention rate of your employees 

Motivated employees are more passionate about their work, achieve more for you and help your hairdressing salon or beauty salon to grow.

What could be more normal for an employer to want to hire productive, healthy and focused employees? Offering salary benefits, such as Swile's, enhances a company's attractiveness. They therefore contribute to employee retention by ensuring that workers have access to food that meets their daily needs.

A card that makes management easier

You won't have to handle bundles of restaurant tickets or a credit note in a certain store that forces you to go back there. There is no more giving change, as the card is charged the exact amount of the transaction

Secondly, the dematerialised restaurant voucher is compatible with remote payments. Your employees can pay all or part of their order online and the process is natural, as it is completely identical to that with a bank card. 

No more lost luncheon vouchers, no more juggling the contents of your basket or the price of the meal to come up with the exact amount, and no more stress as the expiration date approaches.

Security is ensured by enteringa confidential code in store and a cryptogram online. The cards are supplied with a mobile application, which allows you to track your account and block the card in case of loss or theft. 

Whatever the size of your hair salon or beauty salon and whatever your objective, with Wavy you can offer greater value to your employer brand by improving working conditions at the salon. Want to talk to an expert right away? Contact Swile, in order to best meet your needs.

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