Why take out professional insurance?

Wavy, your cash register software, is with you! It has been developed by experts in the beauty industry to allow you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on the experience of your customers in the salon. Thanks to our partnerships with different companies, you can boost your hair salon or beauty salon. This time we'd like to introduce you to +Simple, the online insurance for hairdressers & barbers

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Created by professionals for professionals, +Simple offers you complete, tailor-made and 100% online insurance solutions so that you can devote yourself serenely to your job, with a free mind! In order to provide you with a quality service at the right price, +Simple works with the best insurance partners (Allianz, Generali, etc.).  

In 5 minutes and online, benefit from an exclusive insurance offer, adapted to hairdressing professionals. Do you have a question? Vanessa, our expert advisor, will help you! Satisfied by the simplicity of the procedures and the personalized follow-up, customers have given +Simple a score of 4.8/5.  

Hairdresser, is the professional insurance compulsory ?  

Do you work in the hairdressing industry, the beauty world or in a barber shop?  

An upset customer, a damaged helmet, water damage from the neighbour upstairs... For all these problems that can happen faster than expected, the Multirisques Pro +Simple covers you!  

If it is not compulsory, the multi-risk professional insurance is nevertheless strongly advised because it protects your activity and your salon:    

  • It includes the Civil Liability PRO, essential to carry out your activity in all serenity!  
  • It covers damage caused to another person (customer, apprentice, employee and supplier).  
  • It is useful if your client has an allergic reaction to the colour applied or if their hair burns during a perm.  

Multi-risk insurance for professionals: what is it for?  

The multi-risk pro protects your hairdressing, manicure and barbering business, your salon and your equipment against hazards. Here are some situations in which it can be essential for you:  

A conflict with an employee👨⚖  

+Simple knows that being a hairdressing professional also means managing a team, so sometimes things can go wrong! In case of conflicts with your employees, or your customers, we accompany you and can help you with your legal fees.  

An extended💇 salon closure.  

Your salon is your little jewel, you have invested a lot to get where you are today! So to avoid having all your efforts wiped out at the first loss, we can compensate up to 100% of your annual turnover.  

A broken head gear 💸  

After a fire, all your brand new hair helmets have gone up in smoke! No need to panic! With the multi-risk pro +Simple, we compensate you for the value of this equipment (after deduction of the deductible) to enable you to buy these hairdressing helmets as soon as possible.  

Water damage 👷♂  

+Simple reimburses you and takes care of the damages related to floods, water damages. Moreover, +Simple can put you directly in touch with the competent professionals, the first visit of the service provider is taken care of as well as his travel to limit your expenses and simplify your life once again.  

How much does the multi-risk professional insurance for hairdressers cost ?  

Insure your business, including your salon and your equipment, from €12 per month. +Simple, the insurance expert for hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons, allows you to take out an optimal, tailor-made Professional Multirisk Insurance.  

Created for you, we protect your salon in case of damage. According to your needs and the coverages you want, +Simple offers you 3 different formulas. Several parameters are taken into account to define the monthly amount to be paid:
- Your turnover
- The optional guarantees voluntarily added to the insurance contract
- The chosen ceilings, as well as the deductible levels.

Independent hairdressers, what other insurances are essential?  

Do you have a vehicle that you use to get to work? Car insurance is mandatory. Without it, you expose yourself to a risk, the legislation in France is intransigent! Don't delay, subscribe here.  

At +Simple, our motto is to simplify your life, that's why we offer you to insure your car for your professional and personal travels, all this from 15 € per month. In addition, your insurance contract is effective as soon as you want it! We deliver you a green card immediately and you also benefit from 0km assistance!  

As a self-employed person, it is also essential to subscribe to a health insurance policy if this is not already the case. The complementary health insurance covers all or part of your medical expenses that are not reimbursed by the social security system (dental, optical and routine care).  

As you are on your feet all day long, we have thought of you by covering your consultations at the osteopath! Subscribe to your complementary health insurance from 35 € per month for you and your whole family. 🧡  

How do I purchase my own or another property and casualty insurance policy?  

To subscribe to my business, car and/or complementary health insurance, nothing is simpler:  

- Get a quote online in minutes  

- Answer a few questions

- Fill in your personal information in a few clicks  

- Finally, sign and pay online. And that's it: you're insured!  

Do you have a question? We'll help you!  

Our team is available for you as soon as you contact us, from your customer area, by phone on 09 79 98 07 30 or by email at contact@plussimple.fr.  

Why choose +Simple?

In partnership with Allianz, we offer you a complete and tailor-made insurance contract. By subscribing 100% online, our competent and available team will respond very quickly by finding you THE right solution. Our customers are always satisfied and they let us know, they rated +Simple 4.8/5 on EKOMI! You are in good hands!

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