Manage your salon's inventory with simplicity and efficiency

Divide your stock and inventory management time by three, it's possible with Wavy!

Increase resale through better inventory management

Keep an eye on the flow of your resale products. You will know which products your customers prefer so you can order a restocking at the right time. Better supply management allows you to gain up to 12% in resale.

Scan your products with your smartphone

Wherever you are in your living room or in your storeroom, you can scan your products with your smartphone or tablet. A feature that really simplifies life and especially your inventories.

Your products are already in Wavy

With more than 40,000 referenced products, Wavy allows you to set up your stock at high speed. Simply scan the product's barcode and Wavy recognises it immediately. Try it out, you'll love it!

Your products in pictures

All products referenced in Wavy have an associated image. Your daily life is made easier, whether at the time of checkout or during inventory, you can spot the right product in an instant.

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