NF525 certified cash register software

Since the finance law of 2018, computerized businesses - and therefore hair and beauty salons - are obliged to use NF525 certified software.
From day one, Wavy is certified to ensure that you are in good standing.

What is certified cash register software?

The NF525 certification was created in order to avoid VAT fraud by businesses. It is based on various principles that software publishers such as Wavy must comply with.

The inalterability

In order not to be able to modify the cash-out afterwards, the NF525 standard for hair and beauty checkout software ensures that the recorded data cannot be modified. You can of course make a mistake and modify a ticket. However, Wavy will record the modifications.
In short, Wavy keeps track of everything that happens on the application.


This data is specific to your salon and is therefore confidential. Wavy ensures the security of the data so that only persons mandated by the state can access it. No data leaks are possible. Everything is secure. 


The data is stored on our servers and is accessible on request by a controller.
You don't need to take care of anything. 

How do I know that my checkout software is certified?

To be sure to have a certified cash register software, just ask the editor to provide you with a certificate of conformity.
You can also find the list of compliant publishers on the Afnor website.
What about Wavy? It is available by clicking below. 

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