Offer online booking in your living room

Adapt yourself to the habits of (future) customers of your hairdressing salon. Set up online booking, your customers are only waiting for that ! more than 45% of appointments are booked online in the salons we work with :)

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Online Reservation
of French people use online booking

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure you don't miss an appointment.

47% of customers book their appointments outside hair salon opening hours. Make their service with online booking.

Accessible from all your Web communication media

Your (future) customers access your schedule from your website, your hair salon Facebook page and the Google directory (My Business).

Save time, your schedule fills up by itself

Every morning, you no longer have to answer appointment requests from customers who contact you in the evening. Customers book by themselves. You're going on holiday... When you return your schedule is full !

Dedicate yourself exclusively to the well-being of your customers

The number of calls to the lounge is divided by 2. You enjoy a real privileged moment with each of your customers. And, 30 minutes less on the phone, that's one customer per day saved! Our customers who have tried it, have adopted it ;)


Your (future) customer books online. He chooses the service and his favourite hairdresser. A number is enough to make a reservation.


Automatically, the appointment is added to your schedule and a new contact is created in your customer file.


We verify the identity by SMS and then a reminder is sent to your customer to confirm the appointment.

More than 300 customers join us every month.

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