No more paper agenda! Manage your schedule where you want, when you want!

From your living room, your sofa or on holiday, make your appointments and organize your schedule and that of your team. Simpler than a paper schedule!

Simplified planning and dedicated to hairdressing services

Set the installation times and define the duration of each service. Add in one click a new appointment and cash from your schedule. You will love it!

Half the number of unpaid calls and appointments

Thanks to SMS reminders and online booking that are directly connected to your Wavy schedule, you save time and money. What's more, your customers feel privileged!

Your schedule 100% accessible

Always in your pocket, no matter what smartphone you have, you can make appointments wherever you are. You meet a customer, you can make an appointment immediately!

Everything is connected!

Your schedule is linked to your customer file as well as to your dashboard. You enter your customers' information only once and easily follow the financial results of your hairdressing salon.

More than 300 clients join us every month.
Find out why!

Ready to computerize your hair salon with Wavy?