Strengthen your customer relationship with the loyalty program

Build even stronger relationships with your customers with a loyalty program tailored to your salon. Find out how it allows you to immediately increase your average shopping cart.

Make your customer relationship last

A loyalty program helps to strengthen ties with its customers. The customer is at the heart of your business. He feels more considered and will come back to you to take advantage of his benefits.

Increase your average basket

A loyalty program rewards customers for their purchases. This encourages your customers to come to the show more often and they are more sensitive to cross-purchases, such as buying a product in addition to services. You thus increase your average shopping basket and your turnover.

Propose tailor-made sales

Thanks to the history of your customer file and the clear view you have on your customers' jackpot, offer your customers tailor-made solutions for their well-being, and that of their wallet!

Acquire more customers

A loyalty program improves the customer experience. Your customers share this experience with their friends and family, who then come to your salon. Wavy helps you to retain these new customers!

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