Simply cash in

More than a cash register software, Wavy is an intuitive cash register application. Cashing up becomes child's play!

Save time on a daily basis

With just a few clicks, you simply cash in from any computer, phone or tablet in no time at all!

Increase your average basket

When cashing out, view your customer's service and purchase history. In this way, you can offer them additional products.

Simply close your cash register

No more cash book to fill in, no more risk of error, you are sure to be in order during a tax audit. And yes, no more mistakes and no more calculator, you can even close your cash register from your couch.

Take charge immediately

Simpler than paper, Wavy is the simplest app on the market to collect. Ask anyone who has tried it, they adopted it instantly! They love all its features that simplify their daily life :)

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